Find The Perfect Grass and Care Solutions For Your Lawn!

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Taking care of your lawn and outdoor household is not an easy task! As far as it is fun and healthy activity it also requires a lot of time and care. Grass turf are used to make your lawn much more attractive; by putting different types of sod according to the suitable weather conditions you can make your lawn much more eye pleasing. In this article you will find out the prefect grass and how to take care of it! Happy Reading.

How to Take Care of your Grass Turf

Here are 7 easy tips that will help you to keep your grass turf to stay for a longer period than usual and make your lawn look much more beautiful than ever!

  1. Try to mow your lawn regularly.
  2. Water your lawn more often.
  3. Weed your lawn after a particular time period.
  4. Relive compacted grass.
  5. Edge your lawn.
  6. Feed your lawn with proper fertilizations.  
  7. Fill bare lawn patches when needed.

Where to Find the Perfect Grass?

Growing grass in Atlanta, Georgie is much more complex than plant it or fertilizing and watering the grass. The grass is one of the most important parts of gardening it gives your garden a proper and complete look, that’s why several different industries are growing natural grass turfs a trustable named Atlanta Sod Farms is offering more than 20 different types of sod varieties sod with along installation services, grown locally at their own Sod Farms, which they are delivering to almost every corner of the city. So it’s now easy to find out sod dealers near you!

Keep in Mind the Weather Conditions!

To make your grass turf survive for a long time before purchasing any kind of sod keep in mind the weather conditions as the weather of Georgia is hot and muggy in summers and is cold, and wet in winters and it is partly cloudy throughout the year. You cannot have green grass all the time to achieve a healthy green lawn most of the time of year you need to select an appropriate turf type for your property. Warm-season grasses will go dormant in winters; and in the cool season it will turn out brown due to the heat up in temperature. So, it’s essential to know what time of the year is best for your lawn to be at its green.

Which is the Best Sod Type?

It is very essential to find out which type of sod will suits in and fits in your lawn the most commonly used sod is Emerald Zoysia it is a dark-green, low growth sod grass that can survive in winters, summers both. While it can handle various temperatures and an improper watering schedule, it expands with properly given time and maintained accordingly.  It is considered as the most attractive species of Zoysia grass. Due to these qualities it will survive for long period and make your lawn look perfect. 

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