Repair a Corrupt Offline Data File

Did your Microsoft Outlook crash unexpectedly, resulting in the corruption of your Offline Outlook data file (.ost) or the display of crash error signature information? Now we won’t solve this problem and You’re stuck in the middle and don’t know how to repair a corrupt offline Data File. Try the best OST repair tool to fix the problem.

To begin, simply take a deep breath and relax. Your information will not be lost. A few of the solutions covered in this article will undoubtedly assist you in repairing a corrupt OST file in Outlook, Exchange, Office 365, or any other IMAP-configured profile.

Let’s have a look at what else could be causing users to wish to restore OST files in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and earlier versions.

  • If you can’t open an Outlook data file (.ost)
  • If Outlook is unable to open a certain group of folders,
  • If you have a significantly damaged Outlook OST file,

Outlook OST Repair

Contents Table of Contents:

  • Scanpst.exe Makes Things Worse or Better
  • What’s the Truth About Scanost.exe?
  • How to Restore an OST File
  • Is it possible to repair an OST file without having to replace it?


In all of these cases, Inbox Repair Tool or scanpst.exe is the first option for repairing a corrupt OST file. This program is intended to diagnose and fix issues with Outlook data files. The Inbox Repair tool runs a short scan and, if necessary, repairs the Outlook OST file to guarantee that everything is in working order.

Top 3 Free OST File Repair Methods

SCANPST.EXE is the First Method to Repair a Corrupt Offline Data File

Scanpst.exe Makes Things Worse/Better

“Unable to Fix OST File” I had some problems with an OST file and tried to repair it with scanpst.exe. Despite the fact that Inbox Repair Tool found a problem, Scanpst failed to repair the OST file, and my problem remains. Is there an ost.exe that can fix a corrupted OST file on Windows 10 as well?”

When using scanpst.exe to repair damaged OST files, a number of customers have reported issues such as “inbox repair tool does not identify the file.ost” or “scanpst fails to repair ost file.” According to them, it can only handle minor levels of corruption when repairing OST files from Outlook 2019 and earlier versions. Actually, this is correct, as scanpst.exe was not designed to fix OST file errors in the first place. Aside from all of this:

In its blog, “Microsoft” declares:

This scanpst.exe utility is unable to connect to the Exchange mailbox or examine the data stored there. Furthermore, this program will only find errors or corruption issues, allowing you to correct the problem. If the Inbox Repair tool is unable to cure the problem, simply repair the entire Outlook application.

In addition, Microsoft recommends backing up the existing Outlook data file before using the Inbox Repair Tool.

This scanpst.exe program is compatible with Outlook 2010 and later. The Inbox Repair feature is not available if a user is using Outlook 2007 or earlier. Continue reading

Method 2: Use SCANOST to repair the OST file.


What’s the Truth About Scanost.exe?

Integrity Check tool is included in Outlook 2007 and earlier versions to assist users in repairing Outlook OST files. It is also known as scanost.exe. It was created with the intention of repairing corrupt OST files. The program was, however, removed from Outlook 2010 and replaced with scanpst.exe. If you’re using an older version of Outlook, try this Integrity Check tool first before moving to a third-party program. Have trouble repairing an OST file?

How to Use the OST Integrity Check Tool to Repair Corrupt Offline Data File:

First and foremost, search for scanost.exe on the local PC.

C:Program Files Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 12th Office

C: Program FilesCommon FilesSystmeMSMAPIscanost.exe in Outlook 2003

C: Program FilesCommon FilesSystmeMAPIscanost.exe in Outlook 2002/XP

C:Program FilesCommon FilesSystmeMAPINT in Outlook 2000


Note: Make sure Outlook is turned off on your computer.

  • Simply right-click the scanost.exe application icon and select Run as Administrator from the context menu.
  • Here, you must select the profile that contains the corrupted OST file.
  • You can either select the folders you want to scan or use the Scan All Folders option.
  • Then, to correct the problem, check the Repair errors checkbox.
  • Then, select the Begin Scan option to begin the process of scanning the corrupt OST file.
  • When the scanning procedure is complete, the message “OST fixed successfully” appears on the screen. To finish the process of repairing an Outlook OST file, click the OK option.

OST Repair Utility Scan

There is another approach to repair a corrupt offline data file in Outlook 2019, 2016, or earlier versions. Simply remove the OST file if you have an Exchange email account. Renew or regenerate the offline Outlook data file after that.

Renewing the OST File is the Third option.

To regenerate an offline Outlook data file, simply follow these steps (OST)

Everyone understands that OST files are copies of Exchange mailbox data. As a result, there is no need to back up the file. At any point, you can regenerate your old OST file. And, to fix a corrupt OST file, simply follow the procedures below:

Go to Control Panel after closing Outlook. Then double-click on the Mail icon.

Finding Mail:

The position of Mail in the Control Panel varies between Microsoft Windows versions. Thus, the simplest method is to type Mail into the Control Panel’s search box. The current Outlook profile is displayed in the Mail dialogue box. To switch to a different profile, go to Show Profiles and then Properties. Additionally, you can

  • Then select Email Accounts from the Email Accounts drop-down menu.
  • From the E-mail tab, select Exchange Account.
  • Then press the Change button.
  • Check the “Use Cached Exchange Mode” box and then click the More Settings button.
  • Re-select Offline Folder File Settings from the drop-down menu.