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Gamers totally love to record their gaming sessions for a variety of reasons like uploading it on YouTube for demonstration, showing the world their gaming skills or just keeping a tab of the gaming performance. The question most of the gamers ask is how can they record PC gameplay easily? Moreover, this recording shall not put them in a situation where they are hindered by the recording or get annoyed in terms of recording.

So how do you record PC gameplay in the easiest manner possible. Although you can check out the top YouTube video recorders of all time, this blog will explain about the best game recorder for PC.

The best game recorder for PC is undoubtedly Tweakshot Screen Recorder. Let’s look at the working and functioning of Tweakshot and understand how it can record PC gameplay for you.

Tweakshot Screen Recorder

The tool might not be in the market for many years but it has been designed with proficiency and smart structure. It can easily take up 4k and HD recordings upto 120 FPS, capture screen and do a lot of things. Before we explain all the features, let’s go through the process of recording PC gameplay.

Step 1: Download and install Tweakshot on your Windows computer.

Step 2: On the screen, select if you wish to record full screen, a specific region, window or even the webcam, if you wish to record conversation with the friend.

Step 3: Once selected, press the ‘Record’ button available next to the options.

That’s as simple as explained above. The user interface will take its side while the recording of gameplay takes place and doesn’t bother by popping up in between. You can start playing or doing anything on the screen and it will keep recording you unless you ask it to stop.

If you think that this was it about Tweakshot Screen Recorder then you may want to scroll down much more as we are going to highlight other features helpful for recording gameplay on PC.

  1. Frame rate selection: You can choose the frame rate for recording as per your liking between 30 FPS to 120 FPS. While choosing the frame rate, you can also select the format of video files to ease up the downloaded video. The higher the frame rate, the better the video quality.
  2. Audio quality: You can choose if you want to record the video with audio or without through Tweakshot. If you wish to record the audio then you can do so with system as well as microphone audio. Moreover, you can just record the audio separately too.
  3. Hardware acceleration: having a feature where you can accelerate the hardware is great in itself. This acceleration technique can help with processing fast and smooth videos. For this, click the three lines on the top right corner of the interface, click Record and check the box right next to hardware acceleration.

Here, enable the option for ‘Save an extra audio file recording’ by tick marking the box.

  • Free version provides certain restrictions like a 10 minute recording limit and you can find watermarks on the record. However, if you buy its premium version then you can easily record 2 videos without having any time restrictions. In fact, you can also enjoy all the other features like customizing your own recording, smoother recording, etc.
  • You are free to capture any area like full screen, select region, select window and webcam through the interface for a better viewing experience.
  • Enable the cursor movement in recording for any purposes. All you have to do is click the mouse pointer and you will be able to customize the session according to your choice.

What Else?

Apart from Tweakshot known as one of the best screen recorders on the market, you can learn about other tools too like:

  • Filmora9 by Wondershare: Tools for additional effects, editing and annotation are available.
  • NVIDIA’s Shadowplay: Records screen for unlimited time for free.
  • OBS Studio: Record 4k videos without pressing any glitches and uses minimal system resources.
  • EaseUS RecExperts: Real time video and audio capturing in high performance mode.
  • Bandicam: Very easily understandable dashboard and perfect for novice users.

Wrap Up

We hope that you have found out which game recorder for PC is the best one to record your gameplay already and yes, it’s Tweakshot for sure. Have you tried downloading and installing the tool in your system already? Did you like the flow and working with it? We would be happy to know your views and other recommendations in the comments below. Is there any other screen recorder that you would like to share with the gamers so that they can upload the video on YouTube? Spread the word.

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