October 18, 2021

Why Nanotechnology is praising the world?

The new era is for the main gleam of technology and completely related to it. There is, of course, we experience changes and modifications at every moment, and there is a constant possibility to bring technology change.

In this blog, you shall see the procurement of information of every technology so that you will get knowledge and get updated with it. In this blog, we shall talk about nanotechnology and its economic aspect to maximize the term of getting its procurement.

You might have acknowledged Nano cars developed by Tata Motors in India. The main thing about it is its size. This easily simplifies the existence of nanotechnology in which very small particles are being used. This technology is effective in that it will be used in future with many preferences.

The use of Nanoscience will be seen in the sectors of chemistry, biology, physics, material science and engineering like science fields. In this respect, you should know about the things related to this new segment of identifying the future of nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology- a Quick define

The word ‘Nano’ means small or tiny, and the kind of technology that assimilates and has a connection with that small word is a kind of element that is made up of very small factors. It means nanotechnology is an applied science that works on particles even on less than 100 nanometers.

In nanotechnology, a study is conducted to control over matter or nuclear, atomic and supra- molecule scale. Now, we shall see what things nanotechnology can do:

Today, even though nanoscience has a huge impression, nanoscience and nanotechnology are not a news term because chemists have evolved and invented polymers a long ago. This has been in use in computers for a long ago.

Even though nanotechnology works with small size particles, but they have an extraordinary power source. This technology can help increase energy consumption efficiency, clean the environment, and even cure drastic health issues.

The importance of this technology reflects the size of the products. It refers to and having a very small size. They are comparatively cheaper. There will be less use of raw material in making these and their energy requirement will too less.

With the help of this nanotechnology, we will see a massive push in bioscience, medical science and the field of electronics.

Idea for nanotechnology

The idea for nanotechnology was laid by physicist Richard Feynman’s lecture, which was given in his speech while quoting that ‘There is a plenty room at the Bottom’. This line holds the insights of nanotechnology from its base. 

After a decade, Professor Norio Taniguchi proposed the term called nanotechnology. When in 1981, there was a discovery made for microscopic electrons. Since that time, there is a lot of research conducted in the field of nanotechnology.

Today, a lot of efforts are being made to propose its utilization in our daily life.             

How to understand Nano?

One nanometer is equal to the one-billionth, and in one inch, there are 25,400,000 nanometers. One sheet of a newspaper contains around 1 million nanometers. Now you have an idea about the size of the particles in the nanometer.

Benefit of nanotechnology

Let us understand how we could take the benefits of very important nanotechnology.

  • With nanotechnology, medicine can be prepared to treat cancer cells by identifying them. 
  • It will be easy to understand the molecular assembly of any particle, and the size can be made similar to the size of hair.
  • In addition to this, its processing capacity can be made improved. Manures can be prepared with the use of nanotechnology, and with this, we will see a boost in agricultural production.
  • It can promote the reduction in pollution from industrial wastes and poisonous smoke from vehicles.
  • It will be used in the production of bulbs so that there will be less consumption of electricity. This will give more light.
  • The coming time will be the time of nanotechnology when you will see the usage of it in everything, and you can experience it everywhere.


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You have learnt how nanotechnology can make your life easy and accumulated with modified advancements. The important thing is you can make your career in this type of adventurous field.