October 18, 2021

Which is the best Avast Total Protection vs Avast LiveSafe

Avast antivirus is considered one of the most prominent antivirus products. Avast Inc. provides various types of antivirus and other security software to home users and enterprises. Avast is fit for your PC, Mac as well as mobile devices. Avast has specific feature for different types of devices. Avast antivirus is like a security guard to your computer. Download Avast and provide the best security to your device. The two most common products of Avast antivirus are Avast Total Protection and Avast LiveSafe.

Avast Total Protection is available in three plans: Individual, Multi-device (for 3 devices), and Multi-device (for 5 users). Whereas if we talk about Avast LiveSafe; you can protect an unlimited number of devices until you have the Avast LiveSafe subscription. Avast total protection has excellent malware protection features that keep your computer fully secured from all types Disable Avast Popup Offers. This Avast plan is best for privacy and identity protection.

Common features of Avast Total Protection and Avast LiveSafe:

The best virus protection

Both antivirus plans provide the best virus protection to your device. Your antivirus provides various types of scans according to your need. If you want to scan your device completely then you should go for a system scan. The system scan tool takes a lot of time for complete scanning as it scans all the files available on your computer and removes all the malicious items. You should provide a full system scan to your device once a week. Avast quick scan feature scans your device and tells you about the condition on your device. You can also scan a particular folder or program with the help of Avast antivirus.

Performance Optimizer.

Avast antivirus helps to boost your device’s performance. It blocks all the auto-play videos on the websites and opens the page instantly. Avast antivirus minimizes the bandwidth usage so you can enhance the performance of your PC.

Personal Firewall.

Both Avast plans provide excellent firewall protection. All plans of Avast are known for the best internet protection. The firewall of Avast antivirus monitors all the incoming data. If any malicious program tries to sneak into your device; the firewall will block it. If you are an internet user then you must use a personal firewall for safety. Avast firewall also checks your outgoing data which means the firewall checks every data traveling outside your device. If a hacker or malware is trying to steal your data; the firewall will block it.

Password Manager.

The password manager has become an important tool for security. People use passwords to keep everything secure. But weak passwords can’t provide you good protection. People use their phone numbers or date of birth as their passwords. But hackers can easily crack these types of passwords. Always use a strong password that can’t be guessed easily. Today people use multiple accounts and remembering various lengthy passwords is not easy. Avast password manager helps you to keep your password secure. You can save all usernames and passwords in the password manager and access them easily. You can get your passwords easily with the help of the Master key. If you only have to remember the master key and then you can access all the passwords.

Avast Web Advisor.

Avast web advisor is like your assistance which helps you to keep you secure on the web. When you browse on the internet; it filters out all the malicious results and helps to keep your browsing secure. While performing online banking; Avast web advisors help to keep you protected from hackers.

Avast Shredder.

Avast shredder is a helpful tool that protects you from data-theft issues. When you delete any data from the device; it does not get removed permanently until you fill the blank space. Various data backup tools can easily restore your deleted data. Hackers use these tools to steal information from the PC. But if you delete your data from a data shredder then you can assure that nobody is stealing your data because it removes all the data permanently.

File Lock.

A file lock is used for storing all your sensitive files protected. All the files you store in file lock get saved in 256-bit AES encryption. This tool makes sure that nobody can get your original data.

Online Support.

Both Avast plans provide good technical support which provides 24×7 assistance to you. If you get any kind of error on Avast antivirus then you can get the best assistance.

Additional features on Avast LiveSafe

Parental Control

Avast helps to keep your kids secure on the internet. You can easily monitor your children’s activities on the web and also block the URLs which seem inappropriate for kids.

Device Optimizer tools.

Avast LiveSafe tool acquires device optimizer tools which help to increase the device optimization. It cleans out all the junk from the PC and removes all the background processes to increase performance. If you share your Avast Livesafe license to a mobile device then you can see various additional tools such as anti-theft, app lock, etc which are specially designed for Portable Gadgets.

Both Avast plans are good. If you have a low budget and fewer devices then download Avast with a product key and get Avast total protection. But if you want to secure more devices and get excellent protection then go for Avast Livesafe.