October 18, 2021

Top 6 PHP Development Frameworks That Speed Up Development

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There are a large number of web servers that use PHP. It has been found that their percentage is 82 % among all and this report has been given by W3Techs survey. In order to generate revenues, you can use diverse PHP frameworks which offer great functionality. On the basis of project requirements and business discretion you can select a PHP framework that is right for you. Here are the top 6 PHP development frameworks that speed up development.

1. Laravel – Laravel is a framework that is extremely popular. Its releasing year is 2011. It helps in handling those web applications that are complex. On comparing with other frameworks, we find that it provides speed and extra security to these web applications. It reduces the complexity of similar types of works so as to simplify the development process. These works can include authentication, queuing, routing and sessions. A platform where you can quickly host and deploy is present in a vast ecosystem that Laravel offers. It is possible to provide hassle-free development with the help of a Vagrant box named as Homestead which Laravel offers. Overloading capabilities and strong packages of encryption are some other features.

2. Symfony – Symfony was released in 2005. For more than 10 years the developers used this framework. It is basically a PHP framework and follows the website standards as well as PHP standards. PHP Bulletin Board, OroCRM and Drupal are the content management systems that use Symfony. Object configuration, templating and authentication are a number of tasks which you can complete by using the components and libraries available at Symfony. For completing the enterprise assignments of large-scale you can use Symfony.

3. CodeIgniter – This framework is lightweight. A minimalist configuration is needed in it and the installation is hassle-free. With a size of 2 MB, CodeIgniter is powerful and simple. For developing dynamic websites, it plays a very good role. For constructing components that are reusable and strong it provides a large number of prebuilt modules. On hosting platforms that are dedicated and shared it works smoothly. On comparing with other frameworks, we find that CodeIgniter is faster. It is possible to develop lightweight applications because of the faster speed and solid performance of CodeIgniter. Easy error handling, encryption steps and simple security are the various CodeIgniter features. If you are a beginner then this framework is very good for you.

4. Zend – Inheritance and interfaces are the features of Zend which make it extendable. It helps enterprises by providing them applications of high quality because it is developed by using agile methodology. After thinking a lot about extensibility, performance, security and speed, this object-oriented framework was developed. This framework has customization features. Forms, services and authentication are the tasks for which it offers a number of components. It basically concentrates on applications of enterprise. It helps the developers a lot by providing a large number of tools. Online debugging tools, coding tools, drag and drop editor are the various features packed in Zend. For the beginners it is very difficult to understand Zend.

5. FuelPHP – This framework is extendable and flexible. At the architecture level it uses Hierarchical-Model-View-Controller (HMVC) and has gone beyond Model-View-Controller (MVC). The View layers and the Controller have a Presenter class in between them which are added by FuelPHP. Output encoding, filtering of URI and input are the various features that are security focused and are offered by FuelPHP. Vulnerability protection, caching system, URL routing system and HMVC implementation are the various other features that FuelPHP offers.

6. Phalcon – Basically two programming languages C and C++ are used for creating Phalcon. It is the C’s extension. You will be happy to know that you are not necessarily required to learn C for understanding the Phalcon. This is a blazing fast framework which is its very good feature. For the developers, speed is of great importance. From 2012, continuous updates have been seen in this framework. Caching, MVC and ORM are the components in its latest release. In addition to this, for PHP 7, it offers great support.

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