October 18, 2021

Some Types of Designers for Who Help in Business Growth


Graphic Design:

Graphic design is the new form presenting your message to the public or viewers. The graphic is an ancient way to convey the message to one. Like “a picture worth of thousand words,” but if a picture has a thousand words? Like infographics, where pictures mix-up with words, we come later on this. Beolorin.com graphics are a very old-fashioned way to describe the feeling or message. Like you may be seen that on the news, the researchers found out the old painting in the cave.

Who draws them? And what is means? Of course, the ancestors of ours draws them. And want to tell us how they lived, you can found out many pictures on the internet. The beautiful thing of time is it never remains the same. Times changes so the technology now we have a pen in our hand with a 25” flat screen. We draw whatever we like. The graphic design is the most useable services in any business. A person wants to start a campaign of his\her elections, need a designer for banners, badges, flags, and more.

A company launching a new product guess what, need a designer. If we come these days, most of the usage on the web or internet industry. A designer can create a logo for your website, create banners, images, and much more. The most important thing to create a design for your website for your application. Graphic design, not the most popular but also a vast industry. Where a lot of services comes like:

Advertising Design:

Going to somewhere on the road, you see a board on the other side of the road with a large flex on it. Some companies are adverting their newly launch product. With some colour, beautiful contrast and lady attract you, and even once, you think about it. That’s the advertising and guess who creates it, yes you are right a designer creates it. Advertising also a massive industry; every kind of business has its advertising department. Digital advertisement is the new way of advertisement people spend 333.25 billion dollars on the worldwide digital ad in 2019 till now. With ad marketing, you can create a bunch of different kinds of designs or formats for your ad like brochure design, social media graphics, email marketing template, infographics design, newspaper and magazine, digital ads.

Motion Graphics or Design:

Every one of you knows about the video. And know how a video makes. A video is nothing. It is an illusion that makes by pictures with merging them on by one like if 60 pictures merge with each other, its called 60 frames per second. Now for motion graphics, it much less complicated and easier to understand. Its relatively new kind of graphics where like videos, many pictures come together with different types of motions and create an illusion. Like GIFs are a great example of it where you can see a two or three-seconds clip. Motion graphics usually used in the opening of videos like on YouTube. Many of YouTube’s used motion videos on their openings. With a few years, this industry increases its popularity, and nowadays everyone wants to have a small video about their introduction. Motion videos used in apps, animated texts, ads, title sequences, end credits, internet banners, GIFs, video games.

Web Design:

Web design, I think you already know about it. Web design used in websites where a designer creates a design of your website that includes the page layout, images, typography, and other things that a designer knows better. With a new design technique UI and UX, you can create a website’s design, which is more interactive with the user and more attractive.