September 28, 2021

Online Technology Trends That Will Boom in 2021

Online Technology Trends

The internet has become the main support for all activities from education to business during the pandemic season. Here is the list of e-technology trends that are predicted to grow in 2021:

1. Increasingly Relevant Cyber ​​Security

During the pandemic, cybersecurity has become increasingly relevant and needed. There have been reports of many cyber-attacks worldwide during the pandemic.

Indiscriminately, the various data that are attacked by cyber-crime actors are not only personal data but also several large websites and e-commerce. Especially during a pandemic where there is a government policy that calls on several corporate sectors to work from home.

With this work from home system it is imperative for companies to strengthen their network and improve their cybersecurity strategy and extend it to home networks and mobile devices to work from home.

2. Live Feature on Social Media E-Commerce

The increasing need for online shopping has made several social media, for example Instagram and WhatsApp, embed shopping options on their features.

It could be that in 2021 we could witness live video shopping. Where the buying and selling of an e-commerce can be done via social media. By utilizing the special business account feature on each social media, online shopping activities in the future will be more sophisticated and smoother.

3. Health and Disease Consultation is Enough in Hand

Following the government’s appeal on reducing out-of-home activities and prioritizing the use of the internet as the main medium for meeting needs and needs also applies to health and disease consultations.

Given that hospitals are the most vulnerable places for contracting diseases and viruses. Health consultations to treatment with general practitioners to specialists are also prioritized through online health applications.

With the continuation of the pandemic season and it is predicted that it will continue during 2021, it can be said that the trend of health consultations with doctors through online applications will still be chosen as a substitute for direct visits to hospitals.

4. TikTok is Still the Most Sensational Social Media App

The popularity of the application from the Chinese bamboo country, TikTok in 2021 is predicted to remain the star. After becoming an online platform for creators and the next most popular content lover after Youtube and Instagram, TikTok has provided many unforgettable moments during 2020 that are likely to last until this year.

After being threatened with being blocked in many countries such as America, TikTok has become the main tool in expressing themselves for every generation, from the old to the young, both in political and cultural issues.

5. Internet Is Still the Main Support Of The Film Industry

The number of lockdowns in many countries has caused a lot of losses in every business sector, including the film industry.

With the closure of a number of public recreation areas, cinemas in many places have made filmmakers have to rack their brains to continue producing films with the same profits that are obtained from their screenings in theaters, and of course paid streaming media is the most profitable option.

Paid streaming applications such as Netflix, Iflix, We Tv, VIU, Mola TV during the 2020 pandemic became the most popular choice for enjoying movies online.

So, it is estimated that many premiere films will still be done on paid streaming applications as original content that can be enjoyed anywhere without the need to go to the cinema again.

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6. Working from Home Will Still Be Done

Given that no one can predict when the pandemic season will end, it is predicted that the culture of working from home will continue throughout 2021.

The work from home system, which is getting more and more epidemic due to this pandemic, is likely to be implemented by many business entities, especially business entities engaged in the digital sector. Even big companies like Twitter and Google have implemented work from home permanently for every employee who wants it.

With so many large companies applying this work system, it means that there is a possibility that other companies will also follow the same footsteps in the future.

7. Applications with Audio Features to be New Favorites

Have you ever heard the rumor that tweeting on twitter you don’t have to type it with your voice anymore?

It seems that it will not be a mere rumor anymore, it is rumored that Twitter will soon apply tweeting by voice soon.

Still mysterious, but by working together with club houses and spaces. This new feature is rumored to be launched in 2021.

8. Global Ready 5G Network

In recent years we have often heard about the benefits of 5G, including the availability of stubborn internet connectivity and bandwidth. We are becoming increasingly dependent on cell phones and other smart devices. This change in behavior is the new business field for telecommunication providers.

Not only individuals today, businesses must also continue to be connected, and the implementation of 5G is an important solution in this regard. Based on these conditions, the value of 5G will become increasingly mainstream in 2021.

Bottom Line

Many of the technological trends above have an impact that can be beneficial and good for us if we take advantage of them positively. For that, we as users must also be good at filtering out what is good or bad.

Do not let using internet technology carelessly become a negative trigger for yourself and harm you both materially and non-materially.