New Seo Techniques For Optimal ROI By Boosting Sales

“Change is the only thing unchanged” is an old adage which applies exactly to technology and in particular to SEO.  Search engine optimization is a kind of programming with its own syntax.  It does not involve any kind of typical coding, structures, classes, and objects.  SEO is also not about stuffing keywords and having multiple pages to shoot up the rankings.  SEO is changing fast every day and what was last year maybe is outdated now.  Hence the new techniques of SEO in 2018 will be the trend to make a website for the desired results.

Make Google happy:

    SEO is the science of confirming how any website is coming on top of the desired search. For this SEO has a set of rules, ratios, and limits of text to make Google happy.  The most important factor of SEO is “RELEVANCY”.  The website should have the relevant keywords, mobile-friendly interface with minimum security features for the maximum search engine optimization.  The new techniques of SEO in 2018 mostly rely on these three factors with new approaches to get the reach and conversion rates of websites to the maximum.

4 new techniques of SEO in 2018:

  • Make your speed loading fast:

    Whatever may be the features of the websites, if the loading speed is less, there is every chance for high bounce rates.  This will bring the website ranking low and with it, the chance of the website has low SERP rankings.  Time is money.  For any visitor to find out what is the requirement in a search engine depends on the speed of loading.  If it is mediocre there is every possibility of the visitor leaving the site. This should never happen and to make it sure should be the first new technique of SEO in 2019.

  • Use relevant keywords:

     Keywords are important only if they are relevant. They should fit in the text naturally along with the tone of the content.  Only this will ensure better ROI or the return of investment on any digital marketing efforts. 

  • Update SEO responsiveness:

   With mobile friendliness considered by Google as the major ranking factor, all the websites are making their websites mobile friendly.  This is to be more in 2018 as the mobile users and digital marketing are at their peak now.   Hence it is time to check the responsiveness of websites in the SEO perspective along with the mobile index.

  • To increase the length of meta descriptions:

   The good news of 2018 is Google is not cutting off 2/3 of the meta descriptions written.  The truth as per certain tool searches Google is nowadays rewriting longer meta descriptions in place of irrelevant shorter meta descriptions.  The average search snippet length has seen an upsurge from the normal 230 character limits.  Hence to clearly mention the content in lengthy meta descriptions will yield good SEO optimization.

    Hence it is time to update your website with the above 4 new techniques of SEO in 2019 to enhance your ROI and fast development of your company.

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