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Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a program that allows users todesign a presentation that consists of multiple slides. These slides maycontain images, video clips, and other types of information. PowerPoint isuseful for any kind of work: lectures, business, advertisement, and more. Youcan likewise make a single page presentation for promotion, flyers, postcards,and so on.

Microsoft PowerPoint is a slideshow presentation program that makes it simple to make, collaborate, and present your thoughts in unique, convincing ways. What could you do with PowerPoint?

1. Communicate:

You have a story to narrate, and PowerPoint is intended toenable you to do so. When you project your presentation to a second screen,Presenter View shows your present slide, speaker notes, and the followingslides in your presentation so you can remain centered and associated with youraudience. Also, with auto-extend, your slides will show up on the rightscreens.

2. Express:

Regardless of whether you require a couple of slides toshare with associates or a presentation to persuade a hall overflowing withstrangers, you have to amplify the effect of your message. Microsoft PowerPointconveys the simple to-utilize features you need to make extraordinarypresentations and express yourself powerfully.

3. Collaborate:

Save your presentation to OneDrive or SharePoint Online forOffice 365, and you can see all the changes made to your presentation over timeand restore an older version if you make a mistake. If another person makeschanges in the presentation, you can easily pick the changes you want to keep.

The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) PowerPoint 2016 77-729credential presents a new performance-based configuration for the enhancedtesting of a candidate’s comprehension, abilities, and potential to utilize theMOS 2016 projects. Successful candidates will understand the PowerPoint environmentcompletely and exhibit the accurate utilization of PowerPoint 2016. Sometimesyour presentation could be better, but you don’t know where to start to improvethem. An attractive presentation is just a byproduct of an effectivepresentation, and only four things matter when making an effectivepresentation.

1. More images and less text:

Word heavy slides can be difficult to read from the back ofthe hall or an auditorium, and people can’t listen and read at the same time.If your audience ends up having to choose between listening to you or readingyour slides, you become out of sync with them. Images are nice to look at, theyare engaging, enriching, and can support your story. People can look at theimages and listen to you at the same time without any problem.

2. Make one point per slide:

Focus on one thing at a time. Allow your audience to digestit, then move with them onto the next slide. Draw attention to key messagesusing colors. Learning is improved when your attention is on the importantinformation of the presentation with cues like highlighting keywords andmaterial.

3. Use bullet points in the slide:

You should use bullet points when explaining a slide to theaudience. They make the presentation look organized and can encourage you toput more effort on the topic discussed. Learning is less effective when theinformation presented is redundant, such as reading from the paragraphs in theslides. You can explain points in your own words using bullet points and yourpresentation will not look scripted.

4. Keep It Short and Simple (KISS):

Keeping it simple and short does not mean dumbing down yourpresentation, it is about getting rid of everything else that is not“essential” to telling the story. Understanding is enhanced whenmultimedia is free from irrelevant effects or designs. This may includeanimations, transitions, and templates. If it is necessary to use animation,transition effects, or templates, absolutely go ahead. But make sure you arenot overusing them and keeping your presentation short and simple.

However, there are other professional ways through which agreat presentation can be made using Microsoft PowerPoint 2016. uCertifyprovides the MicrosoftOffice PowerPoint 2016 training course which helps you prepare for theMicrosoft 77-729 PowerPoint 2016 exam. The course also covers creating andmanaging presentations, inserting and formatting text, shapes, and images,inserting tables, charts, SmartArt, and media, apply transitions andanimations, and manage multiple presentations. The Microsoft 77-729 PowerPoint2016 training course will help you gain a fundamental understanding of thePowerPoint 2016 environment and demonstrate its correct application.

Demonstrate your advanced knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint2016 by becoming a PowerPoint 77-729 expert.

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