Is OgyMogy best screen recording app for kids and employees

There are plenty of screen recording applications floatingon the web that claims as to the best in the business. Over the last few years,there are plenty of people out there looking forward to monitoring digital devicessuch as cellphones, tablets, PCs, and computer devices. There are plenty ofreasons behind using such high –tech tools on digital devices.

People want to use it to know about the real-time activitiesof children on cellphones and tablet devices. On the other hand, businessprofessionals are looking forward to monitoring employees’ screens to know whatsort of activities employees are doing in working hours. That’s why you need toget your hands on the best screen recording app.

What is the screenrecording app?

It is the most advance and unique feature of OgyMogy monitoring software for cellphones and PCs. The development of this app has been made for digital parenting and surveillance on employees company’s provided computer devices. You can easily install this particular app on the target device and activate its web portal and use its features including screen recorder.

However, it is packed with several other features both formobiles and computers. The application is very easy to use and its state of theart features are very result-oriented. You can use the online dashboard andupload the data of the device to its web portal. You need to get thesubscription following the target device and then use it to get the job done.

Compatibility of livescreen recorder:

Before you make your mind, you need to make sure that thetarget device is compatible with it and it runs on the devices running withandroid, mac, and windows devices respectively. It works secretly on the targetPC or cellphone on its latest versions.

How to get screen recording software?

First and foremost, you need to know how you can get thispowerful tool by visiting its official webpage of OgyMogy. User can visit thewebpage and then subscribe for its. you will receive credentials in terms ofpassword and ID of the license that you have got recently. Let’s get forwardfor a few crucial steps.

Get Physical access on the target device

Now get physical access on the target device and once youhave it then you should get started with the process of installation. Once youhave completed the process of installation then you need to activate it on thetarget device. You can hide the icon of the live screen recorder app on thetarget device during the activation process.

Activate the web control panel

Once you have got the subscription and the credentials thenget access to the online web portal. You can use the password and ID andactivate the web control panel. Now you can use the powerful features tomonitor the target device using screen recording appand other features on cellphones and computer devices.

Screen recorder appfor cellphone

You can get access to the online dashboard of cellphonesurveillance software and activate the screen recording. It certainly enablesyou to perform live screen recording of the mobile device and you can send therecorded videos to the web portal. You can get access to the dashboard andwatch all the recordings of the target device screen. You can perform passwordscreen recording, YouTube, social media, email, internet history, andkeystrokes applied to the target device. However, you can get calls logs andtext messaging activities on the target mobile device by using this particularfeature.

Screen recordingsoftware for computer

This powerful and stat of the art feature is compatible withthe laptop and desktop devices running with the mac and windows PCs. You canremotely get access to the target desktop device and start the screenmonitoring with a computer tracking app. You will easily record live shortvideos of the screen back to back in a series and then send the recording ofthe PCs screen to the web portal. You can get access to the web portal andwatch all the live recordings and get to know what your target device user isdoing.


OgyMogy screen recording app is the best tool for parents and employers to record kids’ and employee’s devices screen videos for digital parenting and business safety.

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