October 18, 2021

Importance Of Technology In water purification

We live in a technologically advanced era, and we can’t imagine our lives without technology. Today we are surrounded by technology, and we are entirely dependent on it, from cooking food to entertainment.

Here in this article, we will discuss one of the most crucial factors, i.e., purity of drinking water, and how technological advancement has made it simple.

As we all know, with the increasing globalization, the freshwater source has become heavily contaminated and can’t be considered for consumption until it gets treated properly. But punching out water impurities is not easy because, with the changing environment, the water pollutants have evolved themselves and become rigid. Thus, the water pollutant does not quickly leave the water until it gets treated by a modern and advanced technology-based water purification system.

Previously people were using boiling methods to eliminate water contamination from water. Still, nowadays, people do not have enough time, so they want a quick result, but the boiling of water is time-consuming and not significant. Thus, people have only one option to get contamination-free water, and that option is installing a modern and technologically advanced water purification system.

Few Best Water Purification Technology For Water Treatment

Below, we have listed some of the widely used water purification technology that helps people purify water for domestic and industrial purposes. These water purification technologies are

1. Reverse Osmosis Technology

This technology uses a semipermeable membrane to eliminate water contamination from the water. In this technology, water is allowed to pass through the semipermeable membrane at high external pressure. The semipermeable membrane used in the reverse osmosis technology contains several tiny pores that do not allow the water impurities to pass through it as a result, the water pollutant get eliminated from the water. This water purification technology is used in those areas where the total dissolved salts are present in high concentrations in water.

2. UV Technology

In this water purification technology, UV rays are used to eliminate the water contamination present in the water. As UV rays have high penetration power, they can easily cross the microbe’s cell barrier and destroy their genetic material. Due to the destruction of genetic material, microbes lose its ability to grow and reproduce. This water purification technology is mainly used in that area where the microbial contamination is comparatively high.

3. Ion Exchange Technology

It is clear from the name that this water purification technology is mainly based on ion exchange to eliminate or reduce water pollutants. In this water purification technology, the hardness of the water is removed. Hardness in water can lead to various kinds of health issues, and one of the common in those is skin-related issues, mainly eczema. Thus, water purification technology-based water purification systems are used in areas where water’s hardness is high. The water’s hardness is mostly dependent on the concentration of the calcium sand magnesium salts present in the water. The higher the value of these salts in water, means higher the hardness.


Drinking pure and healthy water is essential for living healthy because consumption of contaminated leads to various health issues, but having these above-listed water purification technology helps you get clean water effortlessly.

There are various more water purification technologies that help you get 100% pure and healthy water, like alkaline water purification technology and Ozone water purification technology. To know more about these water purification technologies, contact the water purification expert at the Aquaguard Service Center of your locality.

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