October 18, 2021

How to Connect Canon TS3122 Printer to WiFi?


Canon Pixma TS3122 Printer is known for its compact, affordable printing, which fulfills all users’ home printing requirements. With its features like AirPrint1 and Google Cloud Print2, the Canon TS3122 printer makes it easy to print wirelessly from your preferred devices. The Canon TS3122 is easily compatible with the optional XL ink cartridges, which often helps save you money and print more you need to. It also extends the time between replacing ink cartridges.

In this blog, you will find the most effective methods for Canon printer TS3122 setup (both manual and wireless). You will also see the best features of the Canon TS3122 Printer, which will help you choose the best for yourself.

Best Features of Canon TS3122 Printer 

Although there are various features of the Canon TS3122 Printer, below are some of the best ones that you need to check out:

  • The first one is that you can print using the Canon TS3122, across the room from any place without buffering or slow printing.
  • You can also print borderless photos up to 5″ x 7″ size.
  • Now, refilling paper has become relatively easy and quick with the dedicated Rear Paper Support.
  • You can find a fine hybrid ink system for detailed documents and photos.

Canon Pixma TS3122 Manual Setup

Now it’s time that you start with the Canon TS3122 Printer Setup by following the below steps. You need to follow the instruction for Canon Pixma TS3122 Manual Setup as it is so that you get the right results.

  • First of all, remove the protective tape given at the top of the Printer’s box. Second, you need to take all the components out of the package.
  • Now, place the device on a dust-free surface. After that, find the power port on your Printer and then attach the power cable.
  • The other end of the power cable should be plugged into a wall outlet. Make sure it is working correctly.
  • Now, press the ON button to power up your Printer and set all the preferences on the Printer’s touch display.
  • Then open the rear tray on your Printer, place enough white sheets, and then finally, close the cassette.
  • After the above steps, install the original black and color cartridges into the respective slots. Now, print an alignment sheet to ensure that you have inserted the cartridges correctly.

Canon Printer TS3122 Wireless Setup

The Wireless connection between the computer and the Canon Printer TS3122 will be established or installed by following the steps given below:

  • To know how to connect Canon TS3122 Printer to WiFiyou need to start with enabling the ‘Easy Wireless Connect’ option on your Printer and install the drivers on your computer. 
  • Now, press the stop button, which is given on the control panel if the ON lamp is blinking. Next, you need to press the direct button and hold it for a few seconds. 
  • When the connection is established, the Wi-Fi symbol will start flashing. Now, click the startup setup button on the initial screen. 
  • After the above steps, select your Region and tap yes in the License Agreement window. Now, choose or select the Next option and then select the Method of connection. 
  • Now, click on your Wireless router and key in the Network key. Wait until the network setup and printable alignment are fine. 
  • On the next screen, choose the list of the additional software you want to install. Once your installation is over, your setup will be completed. 

Canon Pixma TS3122 Printer Troubleshooting Tips

When you get stuck using the Canon Printer TS3122, you can resolve the issues by performing some simple Canon Pixma TS3122 Printer Troubleshooting steps. If a paper jam has taken place inside the Printer, then follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First, disconnect the power supply from your Canon Printer TS3122 and extend the paper output tray and open the cover.
  • Now, look below the FINE cartridge holder to check if the jammed paper is present. If you find any paper under the cartridge holder, then move it to the sides.
  • After that, pull the jammed paper by holding them with both hands and make sure that you have removed all the papers.

The above-given steps to Canon Pixma TS3122 Manual Setup and wireless setup will help you fix your device for use. In addition to that, the troubleshooting techniques will help you fix the printing issues in the Canon Pixma TS3122.