October 18, 2021

Get Simple Implementing Steps to Change AOL Password

Change AOL Password

AOL email service is one of the admired and older email services which offer advanced features to its email users.  AOL offers email attachment of a maximum 25 MB. The mailbox offers mail size of nearly 1000 new messages 4000 old and sent messages each which gets displayed at a time. The maximum of 250 GB of disk space 25 MB of attachment that AOL supports. There are a number of precautions needed to be taken in order to protect the AOL mail account from hackers and the offenders. You have to be careful while handling email accounts. And you need to take certain precautions while you use AOL mail and keep sending and receiving mail. Most people complain that someone changed my AOL password and my account is hacked. 

Always be alert and before you type your email account details, you should check the browser for the address bar. If the address bar displays a url https://webmail.aol.com which is an authentic link. Otherwise, hackers create a fake web page which looks like a real similar to the login page but having a fake link such as https:// abc@xyz.com/aol.com If you enter your username and password into the fake web page then hackers will have access into your AOL account. 

The moment you find, you cannot log in into your account, after entering login details such as username and password. Even when you try to access security questions but it fails to display and so into your account and when the options such as security question fail to get back access to your account.  You need to understand that your account hacked or compromised due to a short password. It’s a case of a hacker hacking your account and stealing your password. 

In case you cannot log in after giving the password. You can try to reset the password of your AOL account but it will not allow you to access your account. Then you will know that your account is hacked. As a last option, you can dial the number AOL customer care support number 1-877-200-8067 and call the customer care executive. Explain your problem to the executive, he might help. If you have a read account send executive can your verification you will get back your account immediately but if you do not have paid account then your account will never get back and it is better to create a new AOL account

In order to handle the AOL account correctly, one should know how to change AOL password, and change AOL password on mac. If you have not changed your password and you cannot log in when you try to change your password to security questions on family and incorrect and you will find it difficult to log in if you do not change your password then there is a possibility that your account has been compromised most likely due to the complexity password please attempt to login into your AOL account via web interface if you can go through unable to login then make you when first thing you do is change your password and make it at least 10 to 20 characters long mixture of uppercase lowercase and numbers also make your security question very difficult to answer don’t use something as common as mother’s maiden name for first child name

Take the following precautions regarding the usage of passwords

  • Also before you login into your AOL mail account, look in the address bar of your browser to make sure you are on the right side to log in that is making sure your address bar says https://webmail.aol.com   not something like https:// abc-xyz.com/aol.com. Hackers make use duplicate pages which look like real ones and can easily hack the information specified user.
  • Also one has to learn more about passwords. The common and easily recognized words make passwords weak. In order to keep your password safe, you need to make your passports longer and complicated.
  • Passwords are a very important feature of the email account. It locks your email account and protects your personal information, contact information and all your emails. In case if you miss your password and couldn’t remember it then you might lose your account. Hackers and fisher always find innovative ways to trap people to get their passwords and hack email accounts. 
  • In order to keep your password safe, you have to make use of a password of at least 10 to 20 characters long. Because complicated passwords are difficult to hack hackers do not go after long and complicated passwords.
  • Passwords should be a combination of uppercase, lower case letters, numbers and special symbols.  The special characters increase the security of the password by adding special characters. You can specify new passwords according to the technique that we have discussed earlier, confirm your new password save and close the option.
  • Do not make use of personal information or names in the passwords.
  • Do not make use of real words in the passwords, which is very dangerous and easily detected
  • Create longer words right combination of alphabets numbers and special symbols hard to crack even for the hacker
  • Password should be made of simple and easy to remember phrases which user should make
  • You cannot write down passwords on the books papers are on the wall or table it is a dangerous habit
  • Passwords should be changed from time to time period which keeps the password safer and makes the use of passport stronger.
  • Never tell password or never share a password with others 
  • Never write a password on a piece of paper or tablet on the wall.
  • Passwords should be remembered by linking it to a particular name.
  • Some special objects can make you remember your password easily.
  • Keep changing passwords is a good habit.
  • Make use of different passwords for different accounts is useful working on the record

How to change my AOL password write down with steps

  1.  Open AOL website, sign-in into your account and go to the account information section.
  2.  You will have to answer account security questions in order to verify yourself as the owner of the AOL account.  
  3. If you remember the answer specify the answer for the security question if you have forgotten the answer to the account security question click on forgot answer option on the security question page. Reset the security question, if you have forgotten the answer. Specify the security question, which should be hard to guess but easy to answer.
  4.  Make sure that you enter the answer for the specific security question and while entering the answer, you make use of uppercase, lower case, number keys and special keys. It offers additional protection to the AOL mail account.
  5. Once you reach the changing password option. Enter your old password and then enter the new password which you desire to specify make sure to make a stronger combination of keys while specifying password the uppercase lowercase number keys and special keys should be used to specify a password having mixed characters and numbers. Make the password about 8 characters long. The longer passwords are, the more difficult it is to hack.
  6. Press the Save button to complete the process. 
  7. Once the password is changed. In order to test the new password, You can logout and login once again. 

The paid AOL email account users can easily manage his account. For him the account even if the account is hacked or even when he says that someone changed my AOL password has changed my password, yet he can easily get back the paid AOL account. Such accounts are immediately tracked. While dealing with unpaid AOL account the user has to change AOL password frequently which makes the account less vulnerable

AOL users should exercise the procedure of handling the email account with complete understanding and also the useful procedures about how to change AOL password and how to change AOL password on mac. 

While dealing with AOL mail account, the user should show proficiency in dealing with various email procedures and the required operations.  One should not open the mail account at various places during the day. Also, one should not open the mail accounts on an unknown computer or shouldn’t open mail accounts in unfamiliar places and strictly avoid procedures such as change AOL password on desktop.  Unless you are sure about the person or the computer, you shouldn’t take chances against the increasing exposure to crime and hacking.

America Online (AOL) has been serving the people since the last 20 years or more and it has offered the best of technology and latest, user-friendly techniques. People have trusted AOL so much that the bond between the AOL users and AOL service provider is getting stronger. AOL has always come forward with innovative ideas and offered a wide range of services to its customers. Most people are happy and satisfied with AOL technology and look forward to better working opportunities.