Dogs vs. Under Vehicle Inspection: A Comparison for Security

Dogs vs. Under Vehicle Inspection

Dogs are commonly used by police, security personnel, and evenmilitaries to reveal contraband from drugs and food to explosives and weaponsand to protect sensitive areas.  The dogshave been used widely. In this day and age, a lot of organizations are lookingforward to having the latest technology in order to secure traffic flow atareas like airports and seaports, border crossing, embassies, and otherfacilities where there is a high risk of attack or smuggling.

In order to get better knowhow of dogs vs. technology and where techcan beat the dogs, read on this guide –

Usage of Dogs

There are different scenarios when dogs are used, i.e. from keepingtrack of traffic to crowd management and otherkinds of situations. There may be room for improvement in new surroundings. Adog can be moved from one facility or point to another and provide addedflexibility to the team for deploying resources.

Dogs can be used to sniff at the corners under the car and the interior where a lot of items can be hidden under seats or indoors in case of a checkpoint. Dogs are known to be the most popular option. It is the biggest benefit of having dogs. They stay ahead of several sniffer systems to stimulate their capabilities and their great performance. A lot of devices have not been reliable for adoption in government or industrial use.

However, dogs also have drawbacks that can affect their future fordetection purposes.

Logistical and accuracy failures are the major issues when it comesto work with dogs for detection. Dogs are known to have bloodhound image forsniffers as they have less record for accuracy.

Of course, dogs are trained to seek specific explosives and drugs.But there are external factors hindering their accuracy. Garbage, food, andeven weather conditions have strong smells to cover up the smell of suspiciousobjects. They also have to be in proximity to a vehicle. Hence, every truck orcar cannot be inspected. It also takes around two years for training of a dog.It takes a lifetime upkeep and costs around $25000 per dog. Hence, several dogsare needed for each site or unit. It leads to long term and heavy investment.

Benefits of Under Vehicle Inspection Cameras

By considering the above drawbacks, a lot of companies are lookingfor the latest methods. The Under VehicleInspection System are the technology emerged over theyears. They are loaded with several cameras to record quality images which areanalyzed by AI algorithms to detect illicit materials. They have differentbenefits over your furry animals. They can control the lifetime expenses forinspections. They use automated systems to detect, scan, and alert when needed.They can also inspect a lot of vehicles without losing out the quality andaccuracy of inspection.

They also have a user-friendly interface to make the process easier.Users can see what is identified with clear detection and imaging. There isless guesswork required and faster validation of threat.

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