Amazing Gadgets That Make Your Life Easier at Work

Amazing Gadgets

Have you ever had the Monday blues at work? Or don’t like getting up because work life can be a tad bit too serious and demotivating? But who said that office life needs to be all work and no play. For most people work life can also be such a downer with the number of deadlines that haven’t been met or the constant rush to get to work on time. There’s no easy way to adulting. Being an adult means getting up early, taking a quick shower, grabbing the quickest breakfast ever or maybe none at all, go to work, back home and then repeat all over again. In this rush for time, we’re bound to forget something or maybe make an error while working or want the easy way out sometimes. In times like this, we look forward to having the newest or latest gadgets that make work life a little less of a living hell. Whether you’re a graphic designer and need something that makes Custom Logo Design illustrations a whole lot easier or maybe just a writer who needs the correct tools to be able to write anytime and anyplace without your pages withering away. There are a few amazing gadgets that make your life at work a whole lot easier. In no particular order we have 7 gadgets that’ll make work a whole lot easier:

  • USB Coffee Warmer
  • Wacom tablets
  • Portable Outlet
  • Waterproof notebooks
  • BellFyd Tactical pen
  • Insten 7-Port USB 2.0
  • Optical Pen Mouse

USB Coffee Warmer

The number one thing for anyone who has along day at workand can’t seem to get to their morning or noon coffee on time because it’s neverhot at the time you’re free? There’s now this new gadget that can keep yourcoffee or tea warm wherever you are and at whatever time you get back to yourseat. It runs on a USB cable that can be attached to your laptop or computerwherever you are at any time.

Wacom tablets

Ranging from $79.95 to about $499.45, the Wacom tablets(Japanese origin) continues to be the number one tablet for all graphicdesigners or digital illustrators with ongoing improvements. It’s super easyand efficient for all illustrators either in Custom Logo Design or to sketchout rough ideas for their clients rather than using a notepad to do so. Youdon’t need to be a pro to own one but often used by professionals, providing anarray of tools to choose from including different degrees of textured colorslike watercolors, oils, chalks anything and everything a designer needs on handwhen creativity strikes.

Portable Outlet

When you work for a company that requires you to travelconstantly, you often have to keep all your electronic devices fully chargedup. But sometimes when travelling, there are often electricity or voltagespurts that could ruin your devices instantly. Investing your money in handygadgets like the Portable Outlet will save you a lot of time and effort intrying to repair any damages lost while charging up your devices. This outletworks as a double layer protector in case of power surges, keeping your devices100% charged and risk-free.

Waterproof Notebooks

Being a writer is hard. You’ll never know when inspirationfor the next chapter of your novel will hit you; you could be in the middle ofheavy rain or vacationing up-hill where the weather is usually humid or evenexperiencing snowfall. In comparison to the regular paper which could easilyget damaged with the slightest bit of liquid, Waterproof Notebooks have nowtaken the creativity sector by storm. The best quality waterproof notepad oftoday is “Rite In The Rain” which withstands all kinds of weather.

BellFyd Tactical pen

Being a working woman can be tough especially if the hours are late. Most women find it unsafe to walk the streets at night in-fact not just women but men too. So many things could happen for instance muggings? In these cases, a pocket knife could be the more realistic approach but that won’t get you through scanning. The more advanced gadget for a pocket knife is the BellFyd Tactical pen which serves as a pen that actually writes and an EDC (everyday carry) pen with built-in glass breaker for emergencies, LED flashlight, a wrench, bottle opener as well as the highlighted feature its pointed tip which serves in place of a knife. It’s a dual Safety first writing pen that’ll fit right in with your office supplies.

Insten 7-Port USB 2.0

Running out of space to plug in your USB devices? Thisportable 7-Port USB will do just the trick. The main features of thisHigh-speed USB are carrying a 2.0 data transferer up to 480MB/s with individualLED indicators and switches. It keeps each device secure with its top of theline voltage and instantaneous current protection function.

Optical Pen Mouse

Using a typically standard mouse for long hours is no funand super tiring. Especially if you’re a graphic designer, this Optical PenMouse is for you, giving you the freedom to make tinier more defined movementsrather than struggle to make details. Its main feature is that it’s a 2.4 GHzwireless mouse, running up to 10m effective distance, designed with a wheel forpage turning during PPT presentations.

In conclusion

there are hundreds of gadgets cropping up nowadays that fill in every need of our busy work life. This list surely adds to my list of investments done right.

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