October 18, 2021

Take Facebook Social Media Activities to Greater Heights with Omnichannel Contact Center Software

Life, for many people, revolves around Facebook activities. It is the sounding post, an outlet to express opinions and air grievances, and common meeting ground. Omnichannel contact center software with Facebook integration can boost your customer experience index to greater heights.


Presence takes on a new meaning with Facebook integrated social media contact center software. Just like any other user, you build your presence on Facebook with the unified interface permitting seamless activity on Facebook as well as Instagram, Whatsapp and Twitter. Instead of going the outbound call route you can go the Facebook way to establish a standout presence by

  • Publishing posts and inviting reader interaction (all of which go into your CRM)
  • Grab attention with compelling headlines for any offers or deals or news – save time and effort you spend on campaigns through emails and SMS
  • Incorporate videos and photos – something you cannot do in voice calls
  • Tell stories and let users tell stories you can propagate across circles
  • Show demos and resolve issues
  • Target specific groups
  • Rope in influencers

The wonderful thing about omnichannel contact center software with Facebook integration is that you can have parallel threads and keep data from such activities separate and yet synchronized to enable better analytics using the software’s reporting and analytics feature.

Inbox, chats linkup

Facebook has its own messenger and inbox so that you can receive replies from people and know who have responded. However, they remain separate from your inbox and records. The easy solution is to integrate Facebook’s inbox and chat to your social media contact center software’s CRM. Data is right there in front of you when you need it to analyze and derive actionable intelligence.

Search integration

Assume you have launched a campaign or several campaigns on Facebook on several topics. Keeping track of responses or finding out who has posted a comment when becomes easy with the search feature integration usable through the omnichannel contact center software. You can save time and identify all relevant responses or find out if a customer has raised a query or an issue and address them promptly instead of infinite scrolling. Segregate and pipe these into your database or rebroadcast.

A side issue that arises is that part communication may happen over Whatsapp or Twitter, or email or fax or SMS. With perfect integration of all these into the omnichannel contact center solution you need not worry about breaks and gaps. Respond or proact—the choice is yours right there on your screen.

The Messenger linkup

Rather than use your omnichannel contact center software’s chat feature it helps to keep customers happy by using Facebook messenger if that is their preference. Integrate Messenger with your software and you will see 20 times increase in text traffic and 65% increase in satisfaction rates. Bonus feature is that you can record this and concatenate it with other communications on the same topic, all in your CRM. Another advantage of messenger in your contact center software is that agents can carry on parallel conversations with a number of users—productivity takes a leap.

Interactions to tickets

Facebook is great for interactions with one user or several. However, how do you convert these into tickets that can be tracked and analyzed for results. Facebook integration lets you set up tickets generation from the Facebook page and link such tickets to agents using the helpdesk. You can set up Facebook page to be associated with agent groups and assign ticket to such group or to specific individual within that group. Personalization leads to better satisfaction for both. Taking it a step further it is easy to set up ticket rules based on keywords. You could have tickets to define sales inquiries, customer service, help or refunds. Do not stop there; enable interaction between agents through Facebook too.

Self serving IVR

IVRs are integral to contact center software. Your omnichannel contact center software can easily set up IVR to link with Facebook’s multiple pages and define skill-based routing. You could even incorporate intelligent AI-powered conversational chatbots to address routine information queries raised on Facebook and identified by choice of keywords.

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Monitor agents

Facebook soaks up time and agents could be spending lots of time just interacting without getting anywhere. Here again, you can set up tracking of metrics to identify agent performance.

Facebook can be added to the agent’s desktop screen as a simple interface or you could provide a dynamic user interface with click to dial functionality, chat, SMS and knowledge base as well as email management facility from a single screen. One benefit of Facebook is that should a new individual get in touch it is easy to call up their profile and let agents have a preview of that individual’s profile.

A lot can be done provided your social media contact center software is set up with the right Facebook integration.