October 18, 2021

How To Develop Marketplace App like Letgo And Offerup | A Step-by-Step Guide

OfferUp and Letgo is a C2C online marketplace in which users can both buy and sell products on the platform. Most of the company’s users access the service via Android and iOS applications, respectively.

The local buy and sell apps like Letgo and offerup are bidirectional markets and very easy to use. LetGo and offerup is an application that allows you to sell a different variety of things with just a click. Many entrepreneurs are interested in how to build an app like letgo or Offerup. First, it should be confirmed, what features and function of the app have made a success.

Top Features of Marketplace App Like Letgo & Offerup

Home icon: It shows the main screen of the application where you can perform searches, view the most popular items, and set the application settings, such as camera and localization permissions.

Profile creation: You create a profile about the app to purchase and sell things. This profile will provide you with a summary of your favorite products and active messaging.

Advanced Filters: Advanced filter integration is also needed to make the search process simple and quick

Categories: The Categories function allows you to buy things from a generalized category such as electronics, collectibles, gardening equipment, showpieces, household items, office supplies and more.

In-built Camera: The In-built camera feature will help you take photos of what you are selling. Just take the pictures and add a brief description to the item.

Chat: The chat feature allows you to talk to the individual who published the sale.  learn about the product, ask questions, and finalize the transaction using the chat functionality of the application.

Push Notifications: A push notification can help define the success of your app.

Delivery Feature: Delivery features can help users obtain their products at their door.

Revenue model of Buy and Sell Marketplace App

Best revenue model buy sell marketplace app accommodating their market specialty, and which also aligns with their business objectives.

  • Subscriptions/Membership Fees
  • Seller Fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • Advertisements

How to Create a Buy and Sell Marketplace App offerup and Letgo: Step By Step Process

  • In-depth analysis of top-selling apps.
  • Business Model Of Letgo and Offerup App
  • Select a technical stack to create your app
  • Choose the right mobile app development business according to their previous work.
  • Create an attractive UI and UX.
  • Develop a website for the start-up with the same features.
  • Create a payment gateway suits to your company and the users of your app.
  • Market your app and make a good brand name.
  • The protection of information and safeguards against fraud.
  • Always innovate with new features.

Cost Of An App Like Letgo or Offeup

By keeping this in features, the total cost to make a app like Letgo or OfferUp may vary depending on features and location.  We analyzed and explained the main points, the basic features and the estimated cost for the development of the best buying and selling application for your business


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