How Automatic Call Distribution System can benefit Call centers?

Automatic Call Distribution System

About 74% of consumers are likely to switch to a competitor over a bad phone experience. In today’s age of the consumer, customer service should be the central focus for companies. In fact, many businesses all over the world are making the effort they can to better their call management and enhance caller’s user experience. The automatic Call Distribution System is a better way and an efficient strategy for a call center to manage their inbound calls.

What is Automatic Call Distribution?

ACD or Automatic Call Distribution is a telephony system that automatically receives incoming calls and distributes them to the available agents. The main purpose of the Automatic Call Distribution system is to help call centers sort and manage call volume. It also helps to enhance the customer service experience by making sure they are connected with an agent as quickly as possible.

Many ACD phone systems can be integrated with other business management tools like CRM for information access across the applications.

How does the ACD phone system work?

When a call is received at a call center, it is usually greeted by IVR and inquired about the reason for the call and then transferred by the ACD software based on the call routing strategy. Basically, ACD helps to qualify the callers and helps save both the customer and the company time on redirections.

The main functions of the Automatic Call Distribution System are:

  1. Caller Information and Identification
  2. Call queuing
  3. Call Routing

1. Caller Information and Identification

As mentioned above the primary role of ACD is to understand the caller’s purpose using the IVR system. Some call centers use Caller ID systems to determine factors like language and location. This allows the Automatic Call Distribution Software to distribute the call to the most qualified agent to answer the call.

2. Call Queueing

The second step is to categorize callers into waiting lists. The distribution system determines the order of the queue based on factors like:

  • Status
  • Waiting time
  • Query

The high-value customers are prioritized over others but the system can be programmed to sort callers based on other factors as required.

3. Call Routing

The ACD Phone system routes the call based on your preferred type of distribution method. Using ACD goes beyond routing calls it helps by minimizing. The customer waiting time to make sure your customers are handled by the most suitable agents. The Automatic Call Distribution can help you distribute the incoming calls to whoever is available and you can also set the software to distribute calls based on the agent’s skills.

Benefits of Automatic Call Distribution

1. Automatic Call Routing

One of the greatest perks of automatic call distribution is its ability to route calls as per pre-determined rules or algorithms. Call routing helps in reducing waiting time and call abandonment rate. The call routing strategy is set by the business company. It is based on customer information, history, agent availability, and agent skills.

Businesses can utilize this feature of the ACD phone system to enhance their responsiveness. It also reduces wasted time by matching the caller’s issue with the skills of the agent leading to faster resolution.

2. Better Response Time

Automatically transferring the calls to the right agent with matching skills enables quicker response to customers’ queries. During a high volume of calls, the wait time and handling time are reduced due to this feature.

Automatic call distribution enables callers to reach the right agents at the very first call leading to a better customer experience. It also enhances the First Call Resolution (FCR) rate. Moreover, the ACD phone system may offer a callback or voicemail option saving your business from losing potential customers. It also can identify VIP customers to serve them with faster high-quality service.

3. Increased Productivity

An automatic call distribution system enhances agent productivity by vetting the calls. It directs the caller to the correct department to avoid multiple transfers of the call. This is a great way to minimize the wasted time for the customer and the agents.

It also provides the agent with customer information and history so that the agent can prepare for the call. This also helps agents to handle the customers properly. The ACD phone system also ensures the optimal allocation of resources. This prevents excess pressure on individual agents that may otherwise curb their productivity.

4. Skill-based Call Routing

The ACD phone system directs the call to the agents, who have the specific skills to handle such queries. Matching the customer requirements with the agent’s skills eliminates the hassle of transferring the call.

It helps in avoiding customer frustration by keeping them on hold for a longer time while transferring the call. Moreover, such call routing enables customers to get proper answers to their queries.

5. Integration with CRM

Integrating CRM with the ACD phone system serves as a huge advantage for the business. It helps in tracking every conversation between the agent and customer. It helps in automatically documenting customer history. This information can provide insights into customer trends and find information.

Moreover, the customer information helps agents to interact with the customer later without repeating the query again and again.

6. Enhanced Customer Experience

Customer query is handled properly and quickly, it adds to a good customer experience. If the agent with the right skill set handles the query, it automatically enhances the customer experience. Moreover, automatic call distribution also cuts down waiting time. The customer does not need to stay on hold for a longer time. Therefore, it helps your customer service experience to stand out. Such customer experience also means the customer is more likely to call again when any problem arises.

Make the ACD phone system a default!

These are some of the benefits that an Automatic Call Distribution Software offers a business. For a more seamless and improved customer service experience upgrading your call centers to contact centers, is something to think about.