How to Choose the Right Travel Agency?

Prashant Rajput

There was a time when finding the right travel agency or travel agent was not a big deal and one of the main reasons was that there were a limited number of service providers. You might not have as many options as you have now. Especially now when everything as evolved and the digital world has been involved in everything, even travel experiences are changing.

Well, talking of travel agents, one of the main things that they have done in recent times is that they changed their titles, from travel ‘agents’ to ‘advisors’. One of the reasons, according to a format travel agency and now ‘advisor’, is that they are no longer order takers, instead they are service providers. But let’s take them as service providers, but how to find the right service provider?

There are many travel agencies now operating online and providing all kinds of services, many of them are associated with airlines or maybe hotels. It is important to have a travel agent while traveling because it will take away all, or at least most of the worries. A competent travel advisor is capable of planning a memorable trip for you.  

Several online travel agencies are operating and initially, people were not ready to trust them. Surely there have been quite a few scams and scandals which made travelers lost their trust in the travel agencies. But with time things improved and there are some of the travel agencies that go out of the way to provide travelers all the possible comfort during the trip.

However, whether you are looking for someone online or offline to plan a better trip for you, here are a few things that you must check before finding “the one” travel agency for yourself.

  1. Certification

A certified travel agency or agent will never disappoint you, and you must look for a credible certification. Some organizations in America offer certificates like the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA), The Travel Institute and the Association of Retail Travel Agents. If your travel agent has certification from one of these, you can trust them with all your heart. Many other organizations also provide certifications, you just have to be sure they are reliable.

  • Local is Priority

The personal tour can never be replaced with anything else. Still, several travelers will never be satisfied until they do not meet the travel agent or visit the travel agency one-on-one, shake their hands and then proceed further. Not all might have an office, some are home-based or online travel agencies which can arrange a meeting with you to provide you all the comfort. Otherwise, some agencies have script-reader representatives who read out the lines for you over the phone and may not sound reliable. But not forgetting, that not all agencies work that way, there are some reliable agencies online as well.

  • Agent’s Interview

To check the capability of an agent, it is important to interview them. Find out more about him or her, and for how long they have been in business. Their experience will tell a lot about their reliability and services. Ask about the services they are offering, from the places they are operating and their fee structure. Do not only depends upon the words you get in reply but also notice the way they respond and the environment around. See of agents there are giving their clients enough time, solving their queries or just persuading or pressurizing them. Notice their level of interest in your interview and are you getting the positive vibes or not. Look closely and then decide for yourself.

  • Under Pressure Reaction

Travel agents are not only for pre-planning, but they also have to manage things along the way and should know what to do if there is unexpected trouble. Like they must have an alternate or should find a solution when a flight is late, or the hotel is overbooked of if the travel insurance claim is not honored. Agents should have a solution to the problems at hand and try to solve it for the traveler instead of just handing them the company’s number and get away.

However, travel agent they provide should be there for you when you need them. There are many individual travel agents, travel agencies and you can find several travel agencies on travel portal to find all travel services in one place. From several options, choose what suits you and you are ready to go and enjoy your trip once the global pandemic is over and it’s safe to travel again.

Travel and tourism sector is one of the major source of revenue generation for several countries and holds a vital percentage in GDP, COVID-19 has hit the tourism industry hard. To slow down the spread or avoid its ‘import’, around 120 economies have imposed travel ban, one way or the other.

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