How to Choose a Drinking Water Filter in San Diego?

Prashant Rajput

Gallons of water are wasted in every day chores including washing, cleaning, bathing, etc. and this is eventually decreasing the quality of clean potable water. Continuous supply and usage of hard water and lack of potable water pose health threats for all of us. Also, the water supplied from sources contains chemicals and minerals like calcium, magnesium, chlorine, fluoride, etc. These minerals change the taste and texture of water and also limit its usage. Drinking hard water poses health issues due to the excessive presence of minerals. Also, hard water may go harsh on hair, skin and even clothes and may clog pipes due to the accumulation of salts. Here comes the need for drinking water filter in San Diego.

What makes the water hard and useless?

Water containing natural or organics contaminations comes from natural sources as it travels through glaciers, lakes, rivers and even from wells. Water from well remains stagnant for years, which makes it impure and contaminated from within. Minerals carried by water flow through pipes to enter our home, this water now impacts on everything from purity to water pressure and temperature. Upon years of mineral deposits the pipes or water sources, the pipes get corroded and the water gets slightly dusky. You might have noticed discoloring of edges of drains and faucets at your home? Stretching your head for how to get over it? To combat this problem, water filters and water softeners come into being and are noticing a continuous upgrade since then.

We spend thousands of rupees to buy sealed plastic bottles to drink clean and filter water. Now, plastic being a hazard maintains its threat, while making ever sip much valuable then it ought to be.

The emergency of drinking water filter in San Diego can’t be negated

As of now, the necessity of a water filter is clear. Market brims with different types of water filters, which are given with different technological advancements and working principles. Choosing the one as per your requirement, family need, budget is quite challenging. The need for water filters is not only geared towards residential usage but also towards commercial usage.

Everyone has different need pertaining to “CLEAN” water and fulfilling these needs require the installation of a water filtration system to cover it all. Whether you want to install a whole home water filtration system, i.e., clean water from any tap or point of use water filtration system, i.e., for certain points, having a professional to guide you thoroughly would help in getting the right kind of installation done as per your needs.

Considering the fact that San Diego receives the hardest and worst quality of water in the country, installing the supreme quality of water filters becomes a necessity.

Factors to Consider Before Getting the Installation Done

  • What kind of water do you receive and from where?
  • Does the water contain Industrial chemicals and lead?
  • Does it contain pesticides?
  • Do you get it Municipal Corporation or wells?

Consider all these factors while searching for a quality water filter for your home.

The need for Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Filtration System

A compact sized and fully functional filter is all that we look for. Being small in size, Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Filtration system can fit finely anywhere in the kitchen and especially beneath the sinks. Water filters are efficient enough not remove residual bacteria, organic compounds, heavy metals chlorine, and chloramines and are counted as the best water filter in San Diego.

Water filtration process goes through multiple stages, which includes:

  1. It traps and extract large particles including sediment, silt, etc. from the water and filter down to a size of the 5-micron level, i.e., 0.6 diameter of the hair strand.
  2. Next, it filters out toxins, bacteria, chemicals, and other contaminants by pressuring the water supply through a semi-permeable reverse osmosis membrane. At this stage, it goes through multiple filter media.
  3. The third filter is extremely minute, which gives out odor-free, pure and fresh water. At this stage, the water is forced through a membrane if .0001 to .002 micron-sized pores, which hold back the passage of cysts, viruses, bacteria and almost all the compounds and elements to render 95% clean water.  

What makes Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Filtration System Fit for Residential Use? 

Thereafter, the quality of stored water is improved, moderates its PH value and makes it pass through the magnetic field. In the end, all this helps in evacuating quality water fit for drinking purposes. It cuts on the usage and money expenditure for bottled water and prevents the rotting of pipelines to give them a longer life. Purchasing a water filter is daunting and requires a lot of background knowledge to ensure that you are getting the right installation done. 

Depending upon the utility, the efficiency of water filter may go weaker so know all about it before making such purchases for the best water filter in San Diego. Also, know about the maintenance cost to get a clear view of expenditure and to keep it in your budget.

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