High Risk Pregnancy Treatment

Prashant Rajput

High-risk pregnancy involves a lot of risks to both mother and fetus. In simple words, when some complications take a toll on the life of the mother and her child, this condition is known as a high-risk pregnancy. A specialist is required to cure the risks related to pregnancy.

Causes of High-Risk Pregnancy

There are different factors responsible for high-risk pregnancy. The overall health of maternal mothers can often be at risk due to certain medical conditions. Here are some of the common causes –

  • If the mother is younger than 17 or her age exceeds 35 years
  • If the mother is about to give birth to multiple children or twins, pregnancy risks are higher
  • Multiple births like triplets have the least odds of normal delivery
  • Current health conditions like contagious diseases (diabetes, HIV, etc) and blood pressure

Treatment of High-Risk Pregnancy

It takes close inspection from the specialist to treat high-risk pregnancy and the treatment can be done as per the current medical conditions.

  • Proper immunization for the mother
  • In case the mother lives a passive lifestyle, the specialist will help avoid alcohol or smoking
  • The specialists conduct some urine tests to figure out the presence of any disease and take immediate action
  • A specialist recommends a balanced and healthy diet for the patient with a high-risk pregnancy. A woman needs more protein, folic acid, and calcium

How to Ensure Healthy Pregnancy?

A patient should also take precautionary measures to ensure a healthy pregnancy. If you are expecting to become a mother, you need to take care of certain things to avoid risking you and your baby’s health.


  • Balanced Diet – Be sure to have a balanced and healthy diet. You should stay away from alcohol or smoking that can get your health at risk. Be sure to consume protein and folic acid during pregnancy.
  • Consult with a specialist – It is highly recommended to consult with a specialist constantly and tell her if you are having any pain or problem.

Why The Women Clinic?

There is constant control over high-risk pregnancy thanks to the advancement of technology. We implement the latest technology to cure any complications in pregnancy. Dr. Vandana Singh is the leading gynecologist in Noida who is always available to provide the best care possible to pregnant women.

She has cured and operated patients with different complications successfully with her expertise and practice of over 8 years. You may reach us for the best maternity care and to ensure healthy pregnancies. Book your appointment in case of an emergency.

To ensure a healthy pregnancy and delivery is the core objective of The Women Clinic. A high-risk pregnancy can lead to several complications in pregnancy or childbirth. Hence, such cases need specialized care provided by our top specialists.

We can determine the risk factors and cause which leads to complications when it comes to managing high-risk pregnancies. There are four different categories of factors affecting pregnancy –

  • Age of maternity
  • Lifestyle choices
  • Medical history
  • Conditions during pregnancy

In order to get pregnant, you should every possible measure to avoid high-risk pregnancies. At The Women Clinic, we focus constantly on healthy habits and regular tests in order to reduce the risk of high-risk pregnancies.

We prescribe the high-risk pregnancy treatment by considering the risk factors and health conditions you are diagnosed with. We are well equipped with world-class types of machinery and highly skilled professional team to provide the best care possible.

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