Health v/s Ambitions


“The greatest paradox of the 21st century is that in this age of powerful technology, the biggest problem we face internationally is problems of the human soul.”

– Ralph Peters

We have almost completed 2 decades of technologically the most advanced period of human civilization i,e, the 21st century. Today, mankind has come a long way. Various scientific and medical inventions took place in the past several decades. And now because of globalization, human ambitions have taken a flight. Human beings have always been ambitious since their existence. It was the result of human ambitions that humans could successfully land the moon and the tragic incidents of Hiroshima and Nagasaki happened. But the kind of ambition that humans have today has never been seen before. 

The modern lifestyle of humans has completely changed. Due to globalization, work is never stopped. People are working day and night to get better paycheques and a better lifestyle. But in the wage of improving their living standards, most people are degrading their health. It has been researched by many watchdog organizations that people today are sacrificing their lives for their ambitions. This is ultimately resulting in them becoming the victim of many diseases.

Here, let us discuss the measures that can be taken to tackle this situation.

Improving Nutrition

When it comes to physical fitness, the two most important components are workout and nutrition. It is now scientifically proved that out of these two, nutrition plays about a 75% role in determining an individual’s health and fitness. The worst thing that we have done to our health because of our busy lifestyles today is the shift from the home-cooked to the frozen food. This is a fact that we are what we eat. Today, when we are so busy making our respective careers and improving our living standards, food is the first thing that we compromise with. The result of which is people today are having so many health diseases. The cholesterol and blood pressure of people as young as 25 are not in the normal range. 

One of the biggest health diseases that we encounter today around us obesity. Percentage-wise, the US has the most number of obese people. The biggest factor is the people’s craving for hamburgers with fries and pancakes with maple syrup. Also, today life is very fast and to catch up with the world we don’t have enough time to cook meals for ourselves and sometimes we even skip meals as well. It is high time to avoid this and focus on proper nutrition.

Working It Out

The second component of health and fitness is exercising. Physical activities are suggested by all health experts as a must for a healthy lifestyle. The main aim of this to strengthen our bones and muscles and for several other benefits. But the fact remains the same that in this fast and busy life we don’t have time for ourselves. We understand that finding time for exercising is a bit difficult in this fast working environment. But there is a sigh of relief for all the busy folks out there to improve your fitness levels to a significant level. 

Running is perhaps the best form of exercise that you can do anywhere. But the time to run is not fixed. Those working late nights have the best option to buy an Xterra Fitness Tr150 Folding Treadmill Black for running at home. We have to accept the fact that finding time to exercise is very difficult especially when you are working on night shifts. Your whole schedule just gets affected. But at the same time, you must know that ultimately, your body is your best friend. 

Taking Rest

A sound sleep is the best thing that you can do if you cannot do any of the above-mentioned things. It is the best thing that everyone should do. Also, timely you must take off from your work and go on a vacation or something to relax your mind. 


There is an old saying that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. So, if you are not healthy enough then you can’t fulfill your dreams and ambitions. Being ambitious for anything is not a problem but it should not be for the sake of your health and if it is then you must give your health priority. Today, we are living in a period where technology is driving our lives. We are dependent on technology for our daily needs and wants. And we are passing this legacy to our future generation as well. This is the high time when we must realize that what our priorities should be.

We hope that you will keep the above-mentioned points in mind. The key thing is that must maintain an equilibrium in your life to live your life to the fullest because nobody except your body will always remain with you forever. 

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