Customizing Mobile Accessories Boxes for Bundled Products

Prashant Rajput

Whether you have just launched your mobile accessory brand or been in the business for a while, reaching out to potential buyers can turn out to be struggling. Digital customers of today are quite demanding, they need something exciting and new on a persistent basis, if they don’t get better products from a retailer, they will switch it for the one that is consistent with product innovation. If you have a whole range of latest mobile accessories that you have bundled up, presenting and packaging them requires scintillating signature boxes to stir the interest of shoppers.

You can’t expect to get your newbie mobile accessories noticed unless they are differentiating in usage and packaging. To grab instant attention from shoppers who have very little attention span, you need to think out of the box for adding an attractive appeal to custom printed mobile accessories packaging boxes. You can compel consumers into checking out the bundled up accessories like selfie sticks, mobile phone lens, and other items by displaying them in terrifically designed and printed packaging.

Impactful product boxes will also help you significantly with making your brand name memorable with the wider target audience. You need to get custom packaging for mobile accessories printed from a reliable and expert packaging supplier like The Legacy Printing.

Here are some tips that will help you with the customization!

Use Window Boxes for Enhancing Product Visibility            

You can make the accessories easy to view for a shopper who is looking for three or four items within a reasonable price range. Window packaging also helps the buyers in making quick and informed purchase decision. Custom mobile accessories boxes with the window will give an instant and thorough overview of the bundled items to the customers. They will be able to make a purchase without having to ask the usual questions about the products. Make sure to use the finest quality stock for the window.

Custom Mobile Accessories Packaging should Describe Product Features

Boxes for bundled up mobile accessories need to have elucidated information available about the items. Don’t use chunks of cluttered text on the packaging; give more details using fewer words. This will enable a shopper to know the features of various smartphone and tablet accessories and buy the bundled set that matches his/her needs and inclinations. The boxes for mobile accessories should have a minimal yet useful text about the packaged items for facilitating buyers.

Packaging Style and Stock should Support the Bundled Items       

Style and layout for wholesale mobile accessories packaging boxes should provide support and protection to the bundled items. You need to be meticulous with choosing the printing material for packaging. Cardstock and kraft are commonly used stocks. You need to evaluate the features and printing techniques for both the materials to ensure that the boxes for bundled up accessories are resilient and long-lasting.

Boxes should be Easy to Carry and Store         

You can turn product boxes into a memento of your business by having the branding essentials printed prominently on them. The packaging for bundled up mobile accessories should be easy to open and handle so that consumers keep them safely stored in the boxes. Packaging needs to be lightweight so that it is not a hassle to carry and stock up.

Share pricing and other important details on the bundled up accessories’ boxes for customer support. 

Packages that Breach the Rules in the Right Way      

Going against the traditional rules to break the monotony isn’t always a bad idea. But make sure when breaching the rules, move in the right direction. Virtually all industries have some prewritten rules. For instance, a toothpaste is encased in a tube, a led bulb comes in a cardboard box so on and so forth.   

If you really want to bend the rules of your industry, then come up with a unique design for your mobile accessories boxes. Else, your product will go unnoticed. But while you go against the rules, it is imperative to ensure you won’t end up ruining the relation between your product and packaging.


Before you start creating your mobile accessories packaging, think about your customers’ perspective. Think about what your target audience is expecting from the product and packaging. Are they anticipating re-sealable packages? Or they want something that’s easy to carry? Mind you, if your customers fell in love with your boxes this will automatically boost your sales and proceeds. Else, you will end up bearing a heavy cost. 

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