3 Things That Happen to Your Body if you’re Playing Your Sport Too Much

Prashant Rajput

Are you playing your sport too much? If you think that doing this will instantly enhance the way you play your game, but it’s doing more harm than good. Taking on too much physical activity will result in an overuse injury. You need to understand how to pace yourself while getting fit.

If you are playing sports or want to begin a new physical activity program, you may be in danger of an overuse injury—if continued, it could prevent you from being active. In this article, you’ll learn the reasons why playing too much can bring bad consequences and how you can safely increase your activity level.

You’ll lack strength and be smaller than your opponents

Are you the athlete who plays a sport year-round or joins various teams, you actually lack time to get better. You may have the best technique on earth, but it’s not going to do you any good if you become skinny and weak. You may be playing your whole life, but if you’ve never seta foot in the gym, that could be plenty of years of developing fundamental skills without ever lifting a weight.

If you follow this type of practice, you will be smaller and weaker than the athletes you’ll compete with. For instance, if a person dribbles like crazy, s/he may lack speed or power. Although skill development is important, strength training shouldn’t be discounted. These two aspects should be treated equally for you to reach your full potential.

Difficulty to recover from injuries

One of the biggest mistakes that athletes do is playing too much which won’t give you enough time to recover from an injury, particularly for a developing body. But there are parents who even brag when their athletes play a crazy amount of games over a weekend. They don’t even realize that playing in a game when you’re entirely fatigued only makes it worse.

If this would be the situation, professional teams would play more games and postpone the off-season. They would accumulate more money with each game played, which only seems logical. However, this is not true. Teams would be smashed with injuries, careers would be shortened, and the quality of play would dramatically decrease.

Get burned out and pressured easily

There are some athletes who would grind and grind all year without any real rest and come to a point that they want no part of their sport. Don’t wait for the time that all the grind and pressure would take its toll. The physical and mental stress can come to a point of no return if you don’t give yourself a break. Don’t let it become your life because any setback can derail your athletic career.

How to avoid overuse injury

The good news is, overuse injuries are avoidable. Here are some ways you can consider doing to avoid further injuries:

  1. Wear proper gear and use the correct form. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting or you’ve been playing a sport for a long time, consider taking lessons. Make sure you wear proper shoes for the activity and replace your shoes for every 250 to 500 miles you walk or run —or at least twice a year if you consistently exercise.
  2. Pace yourself. Warm-up before taking any physical activity and cool down afterward. Also, avoid becoming a weekend warrior. If you cram your physical activity for the week into two days, it can lead you to an overuse injury.
  3. Undergo osteopathy. You might want to see a physician who specializes in osteopathy because s/he will focus on the joints, muscles, and spine. This manual therapy is very holistic and uses techniques such as stretching, resistance, and gentle pressure.

On the Note

Don’t push yourself so hard that you would come to hate your sport. Make sure to give your body time to recover and consider bringing yourself to a training center to develop your physical skills.

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