October 18, 2021

What are the Benefits of Cool Shower Technology of Godrej Refrigerators?



According to a report, Godrej appliances looked to reach Rs.6000 crore in revenue by 2020. This is an immense growth for a brand that introduced refrigerators in the Indian market in 1958. Over the years, Godrej has worked tirelessly to upgrade the technologies in their double door fridge section.

With an in-depth understanding of the Indian household and its need for large storage, Godrej has incorporated features like cool shower technology. Godrej fridge combines multiple vents for all-round cooling and prolonged shelf life of food items.

Nevertheless, a shopper must understand how this feature can help a user in daily life. To determine the same, comprehensive analysis of the technology must be undertaken to bring home the perfect fridge.

What is the cool shower technology?

Refrigerators have evolved from general coolers to a necessity. Nowadays, most health-enthusiasts give importance to fresh fruits and vegetables. Godrej fulfills this demand for healthy living by introducing smart, cool shower technology in their selective refrigerators.

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New models of Godrej fridge with this technology come with unique shelves installed with multiple vents for balanced cooling. The cool shower feature ensures that the food items receive optimal cooling to uplift the shelf life.

Some features of this technology are-

  • The air release in the vents circulates in multiple directions to offer even cooling.
  •  Compared to an ordinary refrigerator with a single fan, Godrej double door fridge comes with dual fans for independent cooling of refrigerator and freezer compartments.

Since this technology is found in the premium models of Godrej, the purchasing cost is significantly high. To ease the payment burden, individuals can access Bajaj EMI Network that offers a pre-defined credit limit of up to Rs.2 lakh to shop online on No-Cost EMI.

These refrigerators are convenient for daily usage as it needs low maintenance and minimal physical labour for defrosting. Some of the fridge models from Godrej worth checking are discussed below.

Top Godrej fridge models with cool shower technology

1.     RB EON NXW SD 2.4 INOX

Price: Rs.60000 approximately

Capacity: 430 L

This model comes with advanced bottom freezer technology for uniform cooling and lasting preservation. Individuals can find segregated space and spacious tray to store fruits and vegetable. Moreover, the compressor comes with a 10-year warranty. There is a tower LED lighting, ensuring brighter interiors.

2.     Godrej NXW aura 3-star bottom-mounted refrigerator

Price: Rs.59000 approximately

Capacity: 430 L

This refrigerator offers ample space to store food items. The shelves come with toughened glass that can bear heavyweights like large pots and containers. Furthermore, the freezer is mounted at the bottom, making it accessible for aged masses and individuals with back issues.

Purchasing these refrigerators can be problematic for individuals under a strict budget. However, a Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Cardholder can opt for the latest Godrej fridge with cool shower technology through affordable monthly installments. The store allows individuals to shop from a network of 43000+ stores and receive the delivery within 24 hours.

Hence, shoppers looking to invest in a refrigerator, which keeps their food items fresh for a longer time can consider Godrej’s cool shower technology. However, it is essential to compare the pros and cons beforehand to make the right decision.