October 18, 2021

Things you should keep in mind while operating your Samsung air- conditioner

Samsung AC

Samsung AC

Samsung is one of the leading electronic brands in India, producing everything from smartphones to washing machines. Similarly, Samsung AC models are high-quality products, equipped with the latest and most advanced technologies.

The demand for the company’s products can be gleaned from the fact that it managed to earn revenues of around Rs.73085 crore during FY2019.

The primary characteristics of air-conditioners vary from one company to another. Thus, potential buyers should know about the unique features of Samsung AC, which set them apart from other competitor models available in the market.

Still, to optimize AC usage, one should consider a few factors. Understanding them should allow a customer to pick the most suitable option.

Things to remember while using the air-conditioner

Here are some tips to understand the type of AC that will best fulfill your requirements:

Energy-efficient AC – It is needless to say how much an AC contributes to households’ monthly electricity bills. Thus, it is essential to choose AC that consumes less energy and meets all your requirements.

The higher star rating AC will consume limited power when lower star ratings. For example, Hitachi Kashikoi 1.5 ton AC (Approximately- Rs.51,000).

Cooling capacity- The capacity of the air conditioner depends on the size of the room. The larger can cool the room faster but consume more power which is ultimately not useful. So buyers are suggested to purchase AC according to the size of their room.

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For example, Samsung 1.5 ton Inverter Split AC (Approximately- Rs.46,000) provides wind-free cooling with 23000 micro holes and has an anti-bacterial filter, digital inverter boost, and Wi-Fi support, and human detection mode.

Auto-clean function- This option in air-conditioners avert the growth of harmful micro-organisms by eliminating moisture.

Use of coil- Copper coils are the best for air-conditioners as they keep the air cool and last longer. For example, Samsung 1.5 ton 5-star inverter split AC (Approximately- Rs.40,000) has 100% copper condenser, R32 gas refrigerant.

Cooling and heating feature- Some air-conditioners have both features that help consumers stay warm in chilling winter. For example, Voltas inverter split ac 18 VH EZO 1.5 ton (Approximately- Rs.37,000) comprises an intelligent heating feature.

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