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The IFSP.TV video platform was built by overseas Chinese and is available in Overseas Chinese. It now provides a range of multimedia formats and supports three major terminals: PC (Windows, macOS), TV, and mobile (IOS, Android).

This platform, as a specialist in the overseas video business, offers comprehensive network services to over 60 million Chinese users around the world and is dedicated to developing a video sharing platform for abroad Chinese that covers a wide range of video kinds. Here you may find all kinds of film and television information, as well as news hotspots, created and shared by Chinese around the world. Simultaneously, as a leader in the international video industry, this website has a big number of paying users and insists on providing exclusive high-quality content, the ultimate audio-visual experience, and unique VIP benefits to the majority of VIP members.

Children will benefit from this resource.

IFSP TV is a fantastic resource for children who are deaf or have other challenges. TV shows with audio and video information assist families in comprehending the benefits of a certain program. If your child has trouble speaking or understanding speech, for example, the television will help them communicate and learn.’s Advantages :

  • Provide the Highest Quality
  • is a completely free service.
  • Use with Care
  • There are a lot of TV series and movies.


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