Why use unique content for the website and blog?

If you are one to start a website, or blog check the following to do it with confidence:

  • 480 websites opened every minute
  • 130 trillion web pages on the internet
  • Millions and millions of websites and blogs

Now, these facts should not frighten you away.  Out of all the above,  a minimum of only  5 – 10 % offer value to their readers. Out of the millions of blogs, there are millionaire bloggers and even with millions of websites, there are wealthy website owners So what makes the difference? Surely it is because the content is king.   A proper content could increase the traffic even after any more trillions of web pages, and millions of blogs and websites.  This is a proven fact over time. But the content should be unique, exceptional and with innovation and creativity as per the trends which could bring in the new generations. So to answer to the important question of why to use unique content for the website and blog, the following is tips will be helpful.


    The content writing should be done with motivation.  Every time it is written it should be considered as the first one.  Never should let the feeling of virtuosity hinder the content writing.  Each and every time there should be a tendency to better the previous best for long-term sustainability in the web pages. 


      For any content without research is not going to last long.  Content writing should be first researched thoroughly for all aspects to create better content.  Look up to your niche articles for reference and create an unique content with proper research. 

Keyword research:

      To start with content, check for keyword analysis.  Tools like Google keyword planner will help you with the proper keyword.   Since many contents of the same topic are always possible it is better to deal the keyword or the topic at a different kind of angle to reach the audience.  But this should be relevant to the main topic and keyword.  Also, it should be informative and supportive to the topic.  If needed, you can take help from Google. At the end of the search page you could find Google0’s related topics for which you could write content relevant to the search of the keywords.

Value for the audience:

      It is the audience who decide the fate of your website.  Hence proper valuations should be given to them.  If you are writing for college students the tone and style should be in tune with the liking of college students.  If you are writing for medical fraternity it should according formal and supported with facts and figures.  Hence writing as per the audience and their demographic locations are more important.

Avoid keyword stuffing:

     Keywords are key to a successful content marketing.  But stuffing keywords could bring in negative effects.  The keywords should naturally be embedded in the content as part and parcel of it rather than odd ones out.  This could bring in the relevancy that Google likes most. 

     So to make it short, content is king and a unique content makes Google happy along with spectacular ROIs.

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