October 18, 2021

Top 7 Podcasting Tricks

Podcasting Tricks

With the advent of technology, different media platforms have resurfaced and have been widely used by different individuals. One of them is a podcast, which is a digital audio file that can be downloaded on the internet. It has been gaining popularity due to its similarity with a radio platform and a wide array of topics than consumers enjoy listening to.  

Why People Like Podcast?

  • It’s convenient- People can use it anywhere with their audio devices. Unlike media blogs or write-up, the podcast allows the users to multitask while listening to their favorite podcast episodes.
  • Its a more personal content blogging- Since listeners can hear your voice, its a good avenue where you can connect or relate your content to your listeners
  •  Its a new way of media blogging- unlike video blogging and content writing, a podcast is relatively easier to make and more palatable for consumers. Its also observed that people could listen to a whole episode of a podcast rather than asking them to read a full content blog.
  • A wide array of subjects- Due to its popularity, people are now creating more podcast content, which creates more choices for the listeners.

Do you like the podcast? Are you interested in making your own? Then read on, this article will be listing down the tricks on how you can gain more listeners.


1. Optimize SEO


Making yourself searchable is one of the things you need to attract listeners. Putting your podcast on the first page of google play and iTunes will pull audiences and first-time listeners. Optimize your podcast description on different search engines. Right keywords in your podcast title and episodes name can be used to help your podcast to be known. Here are some tips on how you fully maximize SEO for your podcast content.

  • Emphasize Your Focus Keywords. Use keywords that you think people will be using to search for your podcast episode for the first time. It is crucial, especially if the topic your working on is already saturated. You must choose the proper keywords to maximize SEO.
  • Maximize Your Podcast Description. It’s vital that you use your primary keyword (word for word) in your description even at least once. It’s useful as it allows the user to discover your channel easier on different media platforms.
  • Use your Exact Keywords In Your Recording. Saying your keywords on the recording allows Google to “listen” on the keywords and make your channel more discoverable by listeners.
  • Don’t Forget To Promote On Social Media. By engaging in social media such as Facebook and Twitter allows you to reach more people, even those that are not yet connected to the podcast. It also helps you become reputable in the search engine once listeners start liking or commenting your post about your podcast channels


2. Reach out and Collaborate


Another way to promote your podcast shows is to collaborate with other people. To increase your listeners, you also need to leverage their audiences. You may invite other podcasters or guests to create exciting content that will attract more listeners. Here are some ways on how to start collaborating with other podcasters

  • Find people to collaborate- look for podcasters that you think can be an addition to your channel. You can email them and inform them about the collaboration.
  • Look outside Podcast– Look in Facebook communities for people that you think will be an exciting guest. 


3. Try Transcribing Your Audio


You probably curious why you need to transcribe your podcast, which is made for listening. It might require a little effort on your part, but this can help you grow your listeners as your podcast’s transcript can make your channel jump up on the overall ranking in the search engine. In turn, it can make you searchable by people who are looking for similar content as your podcasts

4. It’s Good to Set-up a Website For Your Podcast


Beginners might think that the website connected to your podcast channel is not essential. However, it’s an excellent way to promote your channel. If you are planning to make a career out of this platform, your website must contain write-ups related to your podcast episodes. Its highly suggested that you set up a website due to the following advantages;

  • It allows email opt-in- a website can increase your listeners by allowing them to communicate through emails. It also offers an excellent avenue to introduce your episode on other platforms.
  • It’s good for SEO. Google can index your podcast easier when you provide information related to your podcast niche.


5. Developed Interaction With Your Listeners


Since podcasting can be a personal platform, it allows your followers to listen and relate to you. You can use this to foster interaction with your listeners. It can be done by encouraging your listeners to ask questions or give comments on social media platforms. It can also give you an idea of what your listeners want and where you can improve your content. Its a win-win situation for both the listeners and the content creators of the podcast.


6. Fire up your Game by Holding Contests and Giveaways


Hosting a contest or giveaways on your podcast will surely fire up your listeners. You can also revolve those giveaways on your podcast by giving prizes for those who will leave a review of your podcast in different sites such as iTunes. This can allow you to promote your podcast channel while giving back to your avid fans and listeners.

7. Create Good Quality Content

Last but not least, what definitely keeps people in is the content of your podcast. You must be able to understand what the audience wants to hear or what sparks their interest. You should think where your potential listener spends their time on, which you can use as a topic for your podcast content. Go beyond what the usual theme of your podcast niche by exploring online fora such as Reddit and quora. This can give you ideas that you can develop as a potential topic for your channel.

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