October 18, 2021

SEO Magento Tips to Help you Dominate Google

SEO Magento

Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms and is one of the easiest to use too. In the competitive market space, Magento provides all the necessary e-commerce website features with some intriguing add-ons on top of them. From an entrepreneur to a small-scale businessman, anyone can build their store on Magento and take their business online.

Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform with many customizable features. It gives full access to a dealer or merchant to design their content in a flexible way. Magento is just like a little shop which takes on the internet. Not only you get to enjoy its e-commerce store capabilities on laptop screens but also the mobiles. This independent platform is the perfect choice for business requirement. But, there are some SEO tips and tricks which will take your store on top in no time. We have listed 7 SEO tips for you which will help you in domination search engines:

Make your images optimized

It is one of the most important Magento SEO tips which will output better Google rankings of your website. Always make sure that all the images used in your e-commerce website- from product level to anything- must be having proper alt-tags. Search Engines cannot read images; therefore they read the alt-tags defines in these images to produce search results. Always give your image a proper description and also, give your images informative filenames, unlike IMG00123.JPG. These little things must be kept in mind and will surely give you long-term benefit in the long race of your SEO trip.

Setup an HTML Sitemap for your Magento store

According to Indiashoppers Magento 2 doesn’t support HTML Sitemaps which are created by default. Every user has to attach some extensions to fix this HTML Sitemap issue. Most of the Magento community people use Dynamic HTML Sitemap for Magento 2. Not only an HTML Sitemap generate a sitemap for users, search engines but also links it to categories, products, and store views. All of it is auto-generated!

Speed up your website

No one wants to wait for webpages to take their time and load properly. Every single user wants to get their results on a website displayed superfast. That’s why this SEO tip will help you bigtime. Make sure that your website loading speed or webpages loading speed are fast as this can hamper your search engine rankings. Every search engine considers this parameter. Faster your website loads, better rankings you will catch on search engines. Try to get rid of unnecessary CSS and JavaScript’s files, you can also merge both of them, and enable all caching features. This will surely help your website is loading faster.

Keep your URL search-friendly

To get on top of the search engine rankings, your Magento website URL needs to be unique and fine-tunes. By fine-tuned, I mean optimized. For any product page or category, your website’s URL must not be containing any stop words and unsafe characters. Stop words like and, or, but, of, the, a, in, by, etc and unsafe characters like <, >, #, {, }, ^, [, ], etc must not be in the URLs. For category, your URL must be simple like abc.com/category/ or for product page, your URL must be like abc.com/category/productname/

Add a blog page to your website 

In this modern world where everyone is busy with their cell phones and laptops. People prefer reading blogs are very high in number. If you are running a Magento e-commerce website, do carry a blog page in it. You can use FREE blog extension to add a blog page in it. You can talk about your products, how your products are best, and anything you want which will attract the mass audience to your website. If someone searches about the article you have written, search engines might land the users to your website which will give a huge push to your website or e-commerce store. So, having a blog page with your e-commerce Magento website is surely going to be the icing on the cake.

Try to get high-quality backlinks

Now, this one is a universal tip: get quality links for your store. If you are looking to enhance your search engine presence or social presence of your store, then getting quality inbound links is surely going to help you in every way. Not only will you be getting better positions on search engine rankings but also traffic generated will be higher. Try to talk to influencers or any other website guys to get high-quality backlinks.  You can apply for Digital Marketing Executive Jobs to know about this field.

Robots.txt file modification

Talking about the Robots.txt file, these files tell search engine robots that which pages are to be crawled and which are not to be. If you want to look for your robots.txt file, just add robots.txt behind your website URL like abc.com/robots.txt. Finally, you can also change or modify your Robots.txt in Magento 2 if you feel any need to do it. You can give custom instructions to your robots.txt file for any changes in the crawling process.