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Digital Marketing 101-What small Businesses need to know

In the world of Wi-Fi and the internet; laptops andsmartphones; Instagram and twitter the roadside hoardings seem to have been anout of fashion thing. There are many studies that have come to the conclusionthat people spend most of their idle times on their phones. So why not grab theopportunity to take hold of the target audience on the same platform. This iswhat we refer to as digital marketing. The concept of Digital marketing is notlimited to the giants, even the smallest of the business a rather have beentaking advantage of the concept. 

Small business means a tight budget. The focus lays onreaching the target audience within a minimum spend. So let’s see where shouldour focus be –

  • Engage yourself with the client- If I require something as a customer and I am to select from 10 different sources, whom will I go with? The one who actually understands what I am looking for. That is what engaging yourself with the customer means. Get into the client’s shoes, there is no way in the world that the person is going somewhere else. Digital marketing gives you the maximum chance to engage with your clients.
  • Make yourself discovered easily-  When a company is promoting itself, the main focus lies on making yourself visible. Each one of us notices those shining hoardings near the traffic signals. Do they actually care about the lights falling on them? No! Because people stop them and they have a chance to make themselves visible to a maximum number of audiences. Digital marketing is no different. There are various sources where small businesses can make themselves visible. Most common and budget-friendly with the highest results are social media sites.
  • Selling tactics They say it’s not what you sell but how you sell! Which actually is as true as it can be. A baker might have the best cakes in the town but if buyers don’t know you, all goes in vain! There are highly trained and experienced professionals who make your product look wonderful. “ If you are not good at doing something, hiring a professional is always a good thing to do.” No one can be perfect with everything. Digital marketing is a budget-friendly and platform to showcase your products are the best thing a small business requires. SEO is one such tool that stands for search engine optimization which gets you free traffic from natural and organic sources.

Digitalmarketing tactics

  • Content- Thecontent that you create for your business should be something that a common mancan understand too. Let say you start your website development firm and yourmarketing content includes all those technical words which I as a client who islooking to get a website developed for my textile business will not know a wordabout.
  • User friendly- Thecontent, the website, the posts, or any other kind of content you want theaudience to access should be user friendly. It should be optimized forsmartphones and for laptops.
  • Webinars- Gone arethe days when a big conference hall, speakers, arrangements for food, and otherexpenses had to be handled to promote or launch a product. The online serviceshave made this so easy and affordable that small businesses don’t have to worryat all now. Webinars have replaced seminars.

Digitalmarketing v/s Conventional marketing

Those were the days when the manor challenge for a smallbusinessman was to promote his product. Setting up a business with his savingsand bank loans was one task and then the next step was even difficult. For anewbie, knowing him and his products was something beyond his reach. Thanks todigital marketing, a tool that almost every small business can afford andmoreover yields high-end results too. Let’s compare a few points as to whichhas an upper hand in which field

  • The digital marketis affordable and ideal for the tight budget businessman, whereas Conventionalmarketing requires more funds.
  • Digital marketingtargets the specific audience for a product whereas conventional marketing hasno such targeting concept.
  • Digital marketingtends to yield more results as compared to conventional marketing.

Sources of Digital marketing

  •  Youtube-  Thisis something that has gained popularity within the last half a decade. More thefollowers on a video on youtube, more likely it is to be seen by even morenumber of people. This is a source that provides the businessman an opportunityto display themselves and their products to the world.
  • Social networks- Varioussocial networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter have nowadays becomea source of promoting your products through blogs, posts and feed have become atrend of the world. So, why not grab the opportunity and be a part of what’strending and benefit from it to the fullest.
  • Emails-  Getting to know the target audience and their email idsis not a difficult task anymore. New and even old businesses tend to grab theirtarget audience by sending them emails telling about their offers and the newproduct launches.

A recent research has revealed statistics that prove thateven after such a boom in using online sources, the number of people is stillincreasing by 5% every 3 years Which actually proves to be a positive thingtowards digital marketing. Marketing has always been about connecting withpeople and making a lifetime bond with the company. Digital marketing is justmaking it a lot easier.

There seem to be two types of digital marketing sourcesone being inbound and other being outbound. The latter focuses on reaching itstarget audience by various means and the previous one’s transfers or to otherwebsites for promotion.

Digital or conventional, marketing has its own set ofrules that needs to be followed. The basis remains the same no matter what typewe are using, mere differences in the outlook make it a little easier andaffordable than conventional marketing tactics. A blessing for smallbusinessmen and something that will never fade away! DIGITAL MARKETING IT IS!

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