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Common Reasons Why Your Google Ads are Not Active

Google Ads are Not Active

Suppose you ran a Google Ad campaign, and after a couple of days, you found out it did not receive any impressions. What could be the reason? Your ad is not likely to even showing up. Google AdWords is a fantastic way to market your business. You all need to create a campaign, add some keywords, and punchy taglines to describe your product.

There are some bumps along the way. Whenit does not work, it should raise alarm bells because you are losing millionsof prospects, and your money is going down the drain. Non-performing issues will likely bethe most common reason for not showing up Google Ads.

Keyword selection is poor

Beforeyou run a campaign, you need to decide on the niche and keywords. You willlikely choose long-tail keywords, but here is the problem. Such keywords mayhave a low search volume. If Google detects that you are targeting a keywordthat has low searches, it may take temporarily inactive your account.

What to do:

1- Go to your account, visit your keyword section, and review the status.

2- If it shows a low volume search, you can find out the reason for not its temporary suspension.

3- If your niche is too narrow, try to target a broader term with higher searches.

Ifyou do not have much idea about the selection of keywords for your campaign,you should consult an expert who can help you leverage maximum benefits.

Your competitors’ bids are high

Apartfrom the choice of keywords, your request should be high enough. If yourkeyword bids are too low, your ad will not show up. You are not alone who isrunning the campaign. There are millions of vendors selling the same productand marketing it to attract people from every nook and cranny.

What to do:

1- Go to your Google Ad account, click on the keyword section, and use bid stimulators. It will help you know the impact of higher bids.

2- Keep monitoring how people are responding to your ad.

Rememberthat too low keyword bid can prevent it from showing on the first page in thebeginning, but it does not mean that it will not show up later.

Your bid-to-budget ratio is high

Youneed to carefully set your budget before running the campaign because a limitedbudget may mean that your ad will not show up depending on the CPC of keywordsyou choose. Your budget limit can run out quickly. Google attempts to spreadout your budget for better performance, and hence it does not show up everytime if someone searches the same keyword you have targeted for your ad.

What to do:

1- The best way to increase your budget is to lower your bids. Make sure that your bid-to-budget ratio is meager. You can also take out no credit check loans with no guarantor.

2- Restrict the hours of the day your ads show up. Choose the best time slot. However, it does not need to be too restrictive.

Your ad schedule is too restricted

Toavoid running out of money, you will set a few hours to run your ad. It can bea slot of one hour, two hours, three hours, and so on. It is the rightapproach, but a too restricted schedule can lower down the chances of your adto show up even if users insert the same keyword.

Aschedule tells Google what days and hours your ad will show up. If you scheduleit only for an hour, it is not much time to target your audience. If no done ismade during that hour, you will never be found.

Anotherreason is poor planning. There is a possibility that you set days and hours foryour ad to display when your target market is making other queries. If thishappens, you will never have a chance to be found.

What to do:

1- Make sure that your ad schedule is not too restricted.

2- Set the best time slot to make the most of your ad.

3- Do some research to know when your audience is active

4- Try to expand your schedule to get better output.

Your target audience is small

Ifyou want to run an Ad campaign, make sure that your existing audience is broad enough.You will need at least 100 active users for display ads and 1000 active usersfor Google search ads. If you do not meet this bare minimum criterion, your adwill not display.

What to do:

1- Build an audience before running a campaign.

2- You can run your ad on observation mode instead of targeting mode.

Google Ads are a great way to promote your product to generate leads. There are various reasons for an ad campaign not to show up. Make sure that you know all of them and fix them before you lose grounds.

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