Top 7 Governance Consulting Services Agencies in US

Data Governance Consulting Service

It’s been two decades since the big data analytics entered the market, and there was no looking back. With the advent of the modernised retransmission of all the analysed data dealing with market trends and requirements, the commercial sector saw a new horizon. With IoT as its prime aid, the big data analysis today has taken a gigantic form of a virtual marketing enterprise.

With this new additioncame several data governance consultingservices that fetch bulk data from the repetitive analysis of trends,patterns, association and interaction of the market. These agencies use thisBig Data analysis to deduce customers’ behaviour. They with their structureddata and analytics technique have gradually changed markets such as Hadoop orSQL analytics.

These companies monitorthe social media data, add preferences, web history, text sensors along withIoT to extract the data suited for their purpose. By retransmitting the bigdata market has matured tremendously making it extremely difficult for thebrand new users to choose a new option.

Hence, here is a list ofseven best big data governance consulting services agencies in the US, servingthe marketing and purchasing purpose using big data analysis:


The data analysis offeredby Zoho works with both professional and personal platforms needing versatileoffice productivity and CRM tools. The agency meets the requirement of data aslong as that of scientific research to the small scale office staffrequirements. The layout of bulk data is given in the form of spreadsheets withdrag and drop options for the pointer interface. Zoho is best fitted for thehighly productive office data, and it cannot provide you with the buying orselling options of the products over big data markets.


EWsolutions are famousfor their notion of considering data as a bulk or as valuable as tangibleproperty. They have adopted the policy working on DAMA-DMBOK based informationmanagement framework. The framework of the company includes the apt disciplinesneeded for the organization’s data management strategy.


After purchasing Tableau,Salesforce became the undefeated ruler of SaaS who visualized all the datagiven to it by the big data analytics. The data governance consulting seriesoffered by salesforce allows users to visualize obtained through any platformbe it Hadoop or an Excel form. The independent tools of salesforce use the bigdata obtained for the comparison of two joined reports to give better resultsor prediction of stats.


Cloudera works mostefficiently with Hadoop markets. After a market-changing merger with Hortonworks, the two agencies at present are working together with two differentHadoop targets. Horton works here deals using the open-source and the clientrequiring technical data needs while Cloudera works well with its former ITcollaborators with the help of its property tools. The two companies as a teamare the game-changer in Hadoop Market.


Teradata is known for itswarehouse products using big data stats. The agency also has a portfolio namedUnified Data Architecture. Teradata is compatible with both new as well aspre-existing data analytics market such as Hadoop. It has its three mainsubdivisions namely Terada listener for primary data intake framework dealingwith multiple data streams and Teradata Unity for four integrated products andlastly Teradata viewpoint, a web-based customizable layout of tools for bettermanagement.


IBM was designed tosustain big data analysis through a number of varying databases such asInfoSpher, DB2, and Informix, etc. Cognos and SPSS are the two great big dataanalysis applications working presently with IBM. For the reallocation andusage of real-time, big data IBM has its Stream Computing and Hadoop marketingdistribution.


Vertica AnalyticEnterprise is the child of HP Enterprise’s primary big data. There are severalhardware products too by HP Enterprises such as HPE monoshoot, HP Apollo100, andother data storage places. HP enterprises are designed with the motif ofhandling of bulk structured big data at the fastest query resolution rate forHadoop and SQL Analytics. It also supports HAVEn, a machine learning dataprogram platform.

These agencies helpclients increase business prospects and faster time-to-insight analysis ofdata. Usage of these services have shaped the present structure ofdata-intensive, high bandwidth Big Data and Analytics application is capable ofprocessing multi-structured data on a TB scale. But the transmission ofsensitive data without any safer medium sometimes can be a threat too.

Conclusion –

Hence, the usage of such big data and their analysis require proper data management strategy. These data strategies play a significant role in carving an enterprise out of small scale data analysis. Before selecting the right collaborator for your marketing using Big Data analysis, just go through the guidelines and privacy policies mentioned. All these companies, as discussed above, contain the safety clause needed for your safe surfing over the internet or availing other virtual facilities.

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