Top 7 B2B Mobile Apps for Managing Your Business

Mobile Apps For Managing Your Business

Getting your hands on advanced tools to manage your B2Bbusiness is no brainer. You know how competitive industries are and the waysthey are developing intending to emphasize innovation. You need to find a firmfooting instead of beating around the bush to reach a higher level.

Therefore, to assist you in your struggle to reach the top here are some great tools and software that you can use to enhance the productivity of your business. Below mentioned is a list of tools that can assist you in every way form organizing your information in managing your team.


Asana is one of the most successful tools for project management. It lets you manage your workload and team efficiently. Everything gets organized and ordered correctly. You get to gather your entire team on a single platform and tag each project with proper specifications. The tool leaves little to no room for flaws or delays. Along with bringing your team closer, it provides you a window to keep a close watch on everyone.

Google Analytics App

When managing a site it’s imperative to have an analyticaltool that can give you a descriptive insight about your site performance. Youneed to have an outlet where you can find the reasons for your downwardperformance graph and for that Google Analytics app helps you out. It tells youthe regions with high traffic density and the areas that need moreimprovisation. It guides you about the ways your website can improve itsperformance and generate better outcomes. This is one of those apps that everybest mobile app developer Australia recommends.


You know you cannot ignore social media platforms when it comes to expanding your business. So, how can you be able to manage it when you have enough on your plate already? Well, tools and apps are going to assist you in it. As there are a number of social platforms from Facebook to Instagram to Pinterest and LinkedIn and you know each has its own significance and role in enhancing the productivity of your business. So, when you know there is a lot of opportunities out in the social media market all you have to do is download HootSuite. The app will keep you updated letting you know what’s going on your platforms and how you need to stay consistent.

LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse is a great way to organize all the latesthappening in the corporate world. It lets you gather all the latest informationand content of the events going on in your organization and share it withdifferent communities. You can pick influencers you want to approach and followalong with finding ways to learn more juicy secrets about the industries. Itgives you a legit window to peek into the hidden techniques of gaining greatersuccess.


WebEx is a great way to schedule a meeting and set new appointments. You can even attend events online and link your colleagues on conference calls to discuss your business strategies. The app lets you enhance the productivity of your business by bridging the gap of communication. The app will even synchronize your devices and team to create a well-connected infrastructure of your business model. The app is so interesting that even the best mobile app developer Australia prefers developing similar apps.


Do you find trouble signing your official documents online?Well, you do not have to book a flight every time your overseas customer comesup with important documents needing your credentials nor you have to wait forhim to fax you the file. Here is the best app you need to download to sign yourdocuments online with your own signature. The app DocuSign is a digital appthat comes with features helping you sign official documents easily andefficiently.


Evernote is a note-taking cum to-do-list app. It helps yousave your notes in the most convenient manner. You can make drafts and even maprough strategies at any time of the day. No matter where you are, just when theidea hits you take your smartphone out and start noting down the strategy touse it later, this is how helpful Evernote is for business owners.

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