October 18, 2021

Important Facets of Your Logistics Business That Can Improve Your Public Image

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With over 3.2 billion internet users and the majority of them addicted to social media, one cannot simply deny that the age of information technology has brought about a major revolution in our personal and professional lives. As a business going through current times and preparing themselves for the upcoming future, we cannot emphasize how much public image matters nowadays. News travels much faster than it ever did before and with a greater sense of awareness being triggered in the young and mature age sectors of the population, voices of sustainable business, ethical practices, and reducing carbon footprint can be heard all across the globe. This is why as a business owner of a transportation or distribution service provider you will constantly find yourselves faced with the young asking you to reduce your global impact through emissions of vehicles under your command. In this post, we would like to offer you some great advice as to how you can improve our public image so that it doesn’t end up thwarting your business’s potential growth and profitability in the near future.

Treat Your Employees Well

It goes without saying that in the wake of recent events and global warming emerging as one of the primary concerns of the United Nations main agenda, you need to take steps to reduce negative PR that many logistics and transportation businesses often find themselves becoming a victim of. To combat negative PR, you need positive word of mouth and the primary source of positive feedback for your company is your employees. Even though offering them custom logo transportation uniforms will make them look and feel good about themselves, there is a lot that you and your management can do to make them happy and content with your organization. There are various ways through which you can encourage them and this will bring about a positive word of mouth to spread within the community about your company that can help reduce the impact of negative PR which generally surrounds the industry.

Create Missions & Visions for Going Green

As a corporation that heavily relies on petrol and diesel-run vehicles to transport goods and equipment, there is no doubt that your logistics team emits a lot of carbon monoxide into the environment. One way to support a green cause is to invest in greener and more acceptable forms of transportation that gives off lesser amounts of harmful greenhouse gases such as investing in electrical and hybrid vehicles to get the job done for you. While this may sound like burning a hole into your savings and taking in a lot of debt, nevertheless a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step forward. You can also join philanthropic causes, local charities, and other welfare associations that actively work to support and give back to the community. All of this will improve your overall rating with the general public and allows your business image to recover from the beating and criticism it was receiving early on. You can also offer better and more planned modes of shipments to your customers that may be slow but allow you to save considerable amounts of emissions by asking them to wait for a couple more days before a shipment arrives at their door. This means that your vehicles will be carrying a heavier and fuller load and that will result in fewer trips and shifts to deliver larger amounts of orders in a single go.

Involve the Community

When it comes to public image you need to understand that they care more than you about how your business impacts the shared environment. Hence at times instead of confronting the bull by the horns, it is best that you act in a positive and active manner rather than simply react to their tribulations. You need to be more open and acceptable to their suggestions and with proper engagement, we are sure that you can find suitable resolutions to existing problems without putting in a whole lot of effort. The world is changing and people, politicians, celebrities, and world governments are waking up to the cause of global warming. This is a prime time for you and your company to catch the train before it leaves the station forever.

We hope this post was able to offer you a better understanding of how you can build up upon your public image while running a logistics business. For more questions and queries please feel free to let us know of your opinions in the comment section below.