How to Point a Domain Name to Your Site Another Host

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In this detailed article, you will concentrate on how to point your domain name to your new site by moving the domain’s name servers.

Thus, you can move or point your domain name to your new site to another hosting supplier while as yet keeping the old domain name.

You can transfer the domain to the new hosting supplier. Nonetheless, domain transfer normally incorporates extra charges as the domain will be restored for one more year.

This guide will tell you the best way to point a domain name to your site, another host and add it to your webpage. On the off chance that you don’t effectively claim the domain you need to utilize, you should buy one through a cheap .in domain registrar.

You have the web hosting bundle and you’ve purchased the domain name and now you have to assemble the two so you can show a site. Learn how to connect domain to server and check whether your domain is not pointing to our name servers.

Steps to Point a Domain Name to Your Site

If you want to learn how to point a domain name to your site or another website from WordPress follow these steps to understand better:

Step 1: Register a domain name

You will need to have a domain name to point a domain name to your site registrar. Find a decent domain registrar who will offer you the best domain names at great deal.

Domain registrar I know who offer the cheapest domain names is DomainRacer. You can buy a domain name of your choice at affordable cost.

Step 2: Sign up for hosting account

Your web host is the place your website records are kept and you’ll require a host to give you the DNS settings you have to setup domain name to host.

You need to find the best web hosting charges in India provider to get the best website hosting performance experience. Go with the reliable domain hosting provider in the market like DomainRacer to get the reliable services at the cheapest price.

Step 3: Login to control panel

Get login credentials of cPanel and the first step is to login to your hosting cPanel account. You need to login into your cPanel account to complete the further process of point domain name to IP address or your website.

Step 4: select domain name

In your cPanel account find the domain name section. From that section you can select the domain name which you wish to point a domain name to your Linux site from the drop down option. After that clip on the manage button.

Step 5: Find the DNS setting

Click the manage DNS link from the advance domain setting option to point a domain name to a website hosted elsewhere. At the point when you join a web host you typically get a validation email which gives you login subtleties like your user ID and password. In this invite email, you ought to have additionally been sent the DNS or domain name server delivers to utilize.

Step 6: Wait for the DNS update

This may take near about 48 hrs to update the DNS setting. As soon as the DNS updated the people visited your domain able to see the landing page of your own website. By this process you will successfully connect domain name to hosting account.


So’s the way to guide your business domain toward your web hosting. I trust you had the option to effectively get your domain’s DNS altered.

Subsequent to moving to another web hosting supplier like DomainRacer, you have to point a domain name to your site best to make your webpage available. Fortunately, you can without much of a stretch do that by changing the domain’s nameservers.

Essentially get the subtleties of your new nameservers, duplicate it to the domain’s DNS settings, and trust that the DNS will proliferate.

Our domain name has been enlisted, our hosting plan is set up, or domain is highlighting our ecommerce hosting record (or it’s settling).

Presently feel free to attempt it yourself. Good luck!

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