October 18, 2021

How To Become A Windows Reseller Host?

Windows Reseller Host

Are you also an owner of a Windows reseller hosting account but don’t know how to make the most of it, then here we are to make this journey less daunting. There are so many opportunities related to your Windows reseller host that are yet to be explored. On top of all Windows Reseller hosting provides you training on how to become a full-fledged hosting provider in the future. Thus, it is the best platform to gain hands-on experience in server management and having your own hosting business.

All of this sounds intimidating, but for this, you need to know the details of reseller hosting. A Windows reseller host allows you to rent out hosting space that you have bought from a third-party hosting provider running on a licensed Windows platform. They should have permission for letting you resell the hosting space that your customers or clients will reuse by hosting their applications. Through this one can generate unmetered revenue without even getting all worked up on initial development and setup. Windows reseller hosting is the best kind of new business one can think of if they lack in investment and years of experience. The only thing you require to run your Windows reseller hosting business is a few steps that need to be followed in order. These steps are as follows-

Step 1- Selection of the Windows reseller hosting provider

 It is not necessary to buy a reseller hosting plan from your regular hosting provider. They might not be good at reseller hosting particularly and selecting the right reseller host is the game-changer for your complete business idea. Although with the Windows reseller hosting, you no more have to worry about choosing the operating system there are many other specifications like hardware, software, etc. still left to be chosen. In a reseller hosting plan, one has to keep in mind the kind of audience they want to cater to. Whether they are web designers, large level developers, or maybe just simple bloggers all of them have very different needs. The specifications of your Windows reseller host must revolve around the kind of your customers and the number of customers you are expecting. So select the hosting provider that fits all the criteria and budget.

Step 2- Building your own hosting service-

Once you get an idea of what your customers are looking for then half the job is done. Plan out the features that will help you in attracting more and more customers. If you are aware of the web hosting service or might have a past hosting account, then things become much easier. But planning the budget is a very exclusive part of the planning that involves many investments that are-

  • Domain name registration
  • Reseller web hosting account fees
  • Website design template price
  • Windows license
  • WHM license
  • Customer support software and tools pricing

Once you have planned the budget, then comes the task of marketing your business idea. It is always beneficial to have your own logo and brand it in your own way. It will have two benefits, the brand will be recognized by your name and secondly, it will give you more authority. So once you are done with the branding and logo, start allocating the resources without any delay. All of this compiled together kicks starts your Windows reseller hosting service.

Step 3- Setting up the pricing plans and the billing system-

Like every big business starts small, so is the case with Windows reseller hosting. You might have to start by selling hosting space to known ones or acquaintances. But a business is a business, in the end, so plan your hosting pricing accordingly. To market through word of mouth you might need to offer discounts initially. So keep in mind that all your customers are getting notified of the payment on time. Always revolve your business around the numbers you have set regarding the number of the target audience, sales, and expenses, and move forward as the numbers are moving. With the help of this, you come closer to your business and what your future profits can be. To get the benefits of an automated billing system you can get support tools by configuring WHM (Web Host Manager). It makes the management of a hosting service a cakewalk by integrating everything and controlled from a centralized platform.

Step 4- Dedicated support to your customers-

You might have observed many hosting providers promising 99.9% uptime along with round the clock customer support but not all of them are fulfilling it. This is where most of the hosting businesses fail. Empathetic customer service can change your business game. As it is rightly said that a satisfied customer is the best business strategy to follow so never compromise on the support services. WHM can again help you in this by generating email tickets and a knowledge base to help yourself to resolve any issues. Apart from this if you want to integrate other customer support features like live chat, email notifications, screen sharing, etc. will help you more in brand building.

Get set with all these steps and in no time you will start earning profits out of the Windows reseller hosting business. Keep in touch with the experts that will be the guiding force to expand into new markets and gaining more on the profit margins.

For gaining more information on how to build client trust, you can get back to us. You can also get to know about Linux reseller hosting which is also an almost equally profitable alternate reseller hosting business. Till then keep your spirits high and sooner or later you will have all the answers.