October 18, 2021

3 Tips To Get Your Video Popular

Get Your Video Popular

If there is a complicated point when it comes to working on video marketing that is the dissemination of the video. You can create the best video ever, and if nobody sees it, it will be of little use to you.

There are many videos that with little investment managed to have millions of visits. They became the famous “virals.” It is very difficult to get there, but it is not that difficult to get your videos to be popular and get visits from your target audience.

How can you get it? What is there to do? Read on and find out.

1. Surprise

Surprising videos are the ones that end up succeeding. Faced with the avalanche of content that exists today, both in video and in text or image, there is no other choice than to differentiate through originality and surprise.

For a video to become viral or popular, it needs to surprise the viewer, catch him off guard. That will make you share it with others to see if they too are surprised with Corporate Video Production Company, funny, interesting or just like it.

An example of this type of video could be from the bizarre Harlem Shake to the “interview for the most difficult job in the world” of American Greetings.

2. Make the audience interact

The key to making a video popular is simply getting the world to interact with it. If you can get tweets, Facebook posts, blog articles and news items that comment on your video to start appearing, you will have succeeded.

For this it is vital that you use calls to action, ask for it to be shared or know your target audience so well that you are able to make a video that they will want to share yes or yes.

Nor should you get carried away by social interaction. If your video is shared a thousand times, but it does not represent your brand and your commercial message is lost, it will not do you any good. This is the real difficulty of making a viral and useful video that is capable of selling and having fun at the same time without the user realizing that this is happening.

3. Seek support

Influencers, bloggers, and the media can be great allies. From a small blogger or local newspaper to the Twitter account of a person with a large following, it can serve to give your video the final push.

Many, many videos have gone from being unknown to being viral thanks to a simple tweet or to appear 5 seconds in a news program. The first is simpler and the second is the product of achieving that famous social interaction that we talked about in the previous point.

There are many influencers and media that will not spread your video unless you give them something in return. Sometimes this can be a good idea, since in exchange for a small sum of money you can reach thousands of people.

On platforms such as Influencity or BuzzParadise you can get it, although we also recommend contacting the media or people in whom you are interested directly.

Follow these tips in your next video and we assure you that while you are not going to become the next Harlem Shake (hopefully), you will reach many more people than before.