October 18, 2021

Why Flutter Has Become The Best Choice To Develop A Mobile App

Why Flutter Has Become The Best Choice To Develop A Mobile App

Flutter, the maker of popular mobile app FlutterSocial, have released v2.0. It comes with many new features that make it the most exciting mobile app in the Google play store. This version of the app is packed with both professional and novice developers equally looking for ways to increase their conversion rate for paid apps. In fact, many of the professional app makers have already started using it as a testing platform for new apps.

Top Advantages For Choosing Flutter for New App Development

Easily Navigate from One Page to Another

As per its fundamental design, the app is very simple and straight forward. One can easily navigate from one page to another in the mobile app. It is extremely fast as well as fluid. It also offers two-way linkages that make it easier for users to share files and communicate with others through it. The app is fully integrated with Facebook, Twitter as well as Pinterest which allow it to connect with all the social networking sites.

Multiple Template

There are several templates to choose from. With one click, you can easily change the look of the mobile website and add or remove widgets. Widgets such as Google Maps, Google calendar and Google Now are available for free.

Useful Widgets

Apart from the basic tools, the app has a number of useful widgets. These widgets provide users with relevant information such as weather, currency exchange rates and news. The app also offers a fully featured community forum which is a great place for users to interact with each other. There are many user friendly add-ons available such as a calculator and an address book.

App Doesn’t Need Server Side Coding or High Level Languages

The app doesn’t need any kind of server side coding or high level languages. All the backend and server-side functionality of the app is executed inside the client’s browser. This makes it extremely portable and usable on various platforms. With a portable app, you will be able to market your mobile app across various devices and can reach a much larger audience than you would have been able to if the app had been designed using Flash or Java.

Supports a Wide Variety of Browsers

One of the biggest advantages of using Flutter for developing your app is that it supports a wide variety of browsers including Android, Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera and Chrome. It also provides a native experience with no compatibility issues with third party browser plug-ins or plugins. In addition, it is open source which means that anyone can download it for free. Another huge advantage of the open source code is that it is easy to customize and tweak for users’ needs.

Reduced Code Development Time

Flutter takes customization very seriously. Users can easily add, edit or delete elements in their mobile app right from the Android dashboard. They can even change the theme of the app by changing the colors and the overall design of the interface in a matter of seconds. The app’s navigation system is fluid, so it’s easy to explore and work with the different tabs.

Alternatives to Java Programming Language

If you are someone who is thinking about developing a new mobile app, take a look at Flutter today. It is an excellent alternative to the Java programming language used to develop most apps. However, if you are not interested in programming but still want a visually impressive app, you may want to choose something else. Either way, it won’t be difficult to find an excellent app builder that you can use to build your dream app.

Create Apps for Smartphones and tablets

One of the main reasons why Flutter is preferred over other alternatives is that it supports a wide variety of screen sizes, resolutions and styles. It can also be used as an alternative to Java, Cocoa, and Flash and can be used on both smartphones and tablets. Because it is written in JavaScript and Flex, cross platform mobile app development is made significantly easier as well. This is another reason why Flutter is the best choice for developing a mobile app today.

Easy Programming Language

Flex, the object oriented programming language developed by Facebook has several limitations when it comes to making larger apps. One limitation is that it is limited to only working with tiles and small images. Flutter works just fine with the large image and text. Its layout engine also allows for plenty of room for additional animations and transitions.

Open Source

One of the biggest advantages of using Flex for developing a mobile app is that it is open source. This means that developers who use Flex for developing a mobile app can contribute back to the development through bug fixes and improvements. With this in mind, it is not uncommon to find many apps with large user bases today that are developed using Flex. In fact, more developers today are moving from Java to take advantage of Flex.