October 18, 2021

Mobile App Development Trends to Take Over 2020

Mobile app development

The use of apps has escalated over the years. Now almost half of your day’s task is completed using applications of your smartphones. According to the statistics, there have been over 27 billion apps downloading over the last year.

From ordering a pizza to booking to a cab to pick you from your doorstep, mobile apps cater to everything a user needs. It has revolutionized the way we interact with our cell phones. The interactive social media apps act more like a best mate to indulge us in its content and make us lost in the virtual world for hours.

Mobile apps have brought ease and efficiency in our lives. It has introduced useless methods and avenues to make us progress faster and at a double pace. For business startups and brands, the use of mobile apps has accelerated the growth and paves new ways to find success.

As per the fact, the mobile app development industry is reported to have been the fastest growing industry. So, let’s find out the many trends that you must be following in order to come up with a great app idea in the year 2020.

The Incorporation of AI

Technology is incomplete with the use of artificial intelligence. Whether it’s out the unbeatable algorithms backing Google or the invincible AI bots present in many forms of technology that are now being used by millions of users around the world. So, creating an app with AI support will be a hollow mission. You need to back it up with high tech support to bring out potential outcomes. You need to make your app respond much like a human brain if you want to accelerate the business progress and app’s productivity.

Blockchain Technology

As much as advancements are concerned app security and data protection are also a matter to be worried about. To solve the issues of privacy breaching and data loss, the use of the blockchain method is preferred. You need to ensure your users that your app is safe to use and that any data they enter on it will be secured from breach and scam. You need to gear up with highly advanced technology to secure your app and improve its functionality.

Apart from this, with the use of Blockchain, you can track your transactions and get the information out of your comprehensive app history. You can tap into the app to know about the privacy policies and how well it protects your credentials. Such technology is preferred to be used for retail apps where products are being purchased and thousands of dollars are transferred via direct bank account linked to the app.

Augmented Reality

The hangover of the Pokémon Go app must not have left your mind due to its fascinating impact. The creators of the app have shown how to use a unique approach to sweep the users off their feet in amusement. That’s what you have to do is  Wikipedia editors in USA. You have to come up with a unique approach to entice your users.

The app offered an entirely new way for users to interact with their smartphones. The game took the players into an augmented world where they have to find the Pokémon. As amazing as it sounds, it’s gameplay was equally amazing as well.


You need to adopt the use of personalization in your app creation. Your users must feel linked and connected to the content. You have to use the techniques to add personalization in your app to indulge the app users and to give them the kind of outlook they want.

Things to Be Careful Of

You need to be careful about building an app that is interactive and engaging. Your app design must be appealing and you need to come up with a unique approach if you want to excel in the year ahead. When creating the wireframe of your app, you have to carry out the market research. You need to gather tips that can indulge your users. Pick techniques that are relevant and targeted. You have to stay ahead of the curve and come up with reasons that can double your development game.