October 18, 2021

How is Twitter Live-Stream Feature Helpful?


Twitter is one of the leading social networking websites, with more than 335 million users all over the world. Twitter is not only used for entertainment but also for promoting brands and skills.

Twitter helps you to reach a wide audience as well as enables you two-way communication between you and your customer. Twitter charges no fees for signing up on their platform. It offers many features including Twitter live-streaming videos.

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Breaking Down the “Live-Stream” Term:

Live-stream refers to “Broadcasting real-time videos” to an audience over any platform. To use live-stream, you just need to have access to the internet on your device whether tablet, smartphone or pc.

Live-streaming is visually appealing to young people because it gives them the chance to be a part of the “presenter community” and to be seen by a wide number of people. The live-stream feature is now offered by many popular social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. When you use live-streaming videos you can be seen in every country. People mostly use the live-stream feature to use at an event, or while traveling. This could be useful for people in many ways like for campaigns or to show skills and talents.

The live-stream feature is very prolific when it comes to its advantages. Like other social networking websites, Twitter has also introduced live-stream function for its users. In this article, I will explain to you why live-stream videos are useful for people. Here are some benefits:

  • Get audience engagement at your event.
  • Make your event more visible to the world.
  • A great addition to the guests of your event.
  • Smartly display your brand.

Get Audience Engagement on Your Event:

People related to every field use Twitter live-stream video to engage more with their audience, that too through their smartphones. This is very beneficial for the business community because when you run a business you want to promote it as much as you can, without promotion, your business will not expand and you will get nil benefit from it. When you arrange an event you can easily go-live on Twitter and show your event to the whole world without spending any money, because the business community is concerned about their money being spent on the right things. Why anyone wants to pay extra money when they can get their work done for free.

Make Your Event More Visible to the World:

Be it any campaign, a concert, e-sport or any cultural or music festival, you want everyone to see all the efforts that you have put on your event by working day and night. Now it is easier to broadcast your memorable events to the world, not only that but you can also get feedback about your event from users all over the world. It will help you notice what changes should be made or what needs to be added to your next event.

You do not need to survey to hear comments about your events just go-live on Twitter and see valuable comments regarding your event.

A Great Addition for the Guests of Your Event:

Not everyone thinks of doing live-stream while arranging an event. You have the chance to stand out among your toughest competitors and attract your guests by putting live-stream videos on social media platforms. The followers of your guests will also watch your live-stream video that can result in generating traffic to the page of your event. This is one of the easiest ways to grab the attention of many people all over the world.

Your video can be seen by followers of your guests’ friends and throughout the Twitter-sphere, all in a day. This will increase the visibility of your Twitter existence by 10%. You can create a social wall that will show live-stream of your events to everyone across the world.

Smartly Display Your Brand:

This a great chance for people who want to display their brand more creatively than others but lacking the idea of how they should make it happen. What you can do is arrange the live Twitter display, because it will help you make your event minimalist by adding something like a small logo, or it can be displayed like a large banner, making it more dramatic, you can choose it the way you want to display your brand.

Social walls are visually appealing and have a great number of customization options for you to choose the look of your feed.


The Twitter live-stream feature is not introduced for just the business community for every individual. You can use it while traveling somewhere to give people knowledge about that place or you can also use it to showcase your talents or skills. I hope this article will help you to get benefit from this feature in just one but multiple ways.