The Best Photo Editing Apps for Android in 2021

Photo Editing Apps

Whenever you capture your images with your android phone, generally, it seems beautiful. All your pictures can be good or bad, but it is not a fact. In this digital era, there is a great need for the right kind of images. From the numerous requirements, an image editing service ensures your imagery issues. It’s recognized as mind satisfaction work.

Having the android phone, one will become a photographer as well as an artist. At present, there are so many best photo editing apps for android, and you can fill your image editing thirst. Most of the image editing apps are now rich in tools. With the great analysis, some exceptional photo editing apps for android give the accurate result of image enhancement. Finding niche image editing apps save your time and cost. However, we share the ten best image editing apps that might be useful for further decorating your images in this article.

1. Adobe Lightroom:

The mobile version of Adobe Lightroom is a powerful image editor for android, which indicates the top quality of RAW optimizers. It is a part of a cloud-based workflow essential for file transforming, storing the full-resolution files from your device to mobile, laptop, and desktop. Its friendly tools ensure superb image editing like adjusting the color grading, quality filters, and others.

Adobe Lightroom mobile is excellent for learning platforms. If you purchase with the entire Lightroom based on $9.99 per month, you have bought a robust photo processing ecosystem that offers professional-level control as well as quality. When you want top-notch image editing apps for your phone, certainly Lightroom Mobile is free.

2. Adobe Photoshop Express: 

Since there are a lot of mobile editing apps, Abode has explored its imagination of mobile-based apps. From this intention, Photoshop express is one of the best photo editing apps for android, which is used for image retouching, color-changing, object removing, correcting distortion, and so on.

However, it supports PNG, JPEG, and RAW images to be useful for basic editing or deep editing. By having the automation process, you can correct your exposure, white balance, contrast, distract a red-eye effect, and more tasks. However, if you desire a quick photo editing apps for android, Adobe Photoshop Express is a great one.

3. PicsArt:

PicsArt is one of the best photo editing apps for android in 2021 and, it is rich in so much fun. Having the accessible format to use, most users would like to continue this app on their phone. It comes us with excellent image editing tools, and each tool has the superb controlling capability, a large scale of attractive filters, natural balancing of color, and other features. To decorate your images, you can add so many stickers as your wish.  

However, its customizable collages can fix your total photo representation. With so many artistic texts can help you to recognize your style and color. Adding a camera module ensures pre-capture effects and capturing tool. Among the collections, PicsArt is the best photo editing apps for android photographers. You will be surprised to understand that 150 million monthly users connect to Remix Chat. However, to use it as a full version, you have to subscribe: a monthly subscription charge of $8.99.

4 .Pixlr:

Among the photographer and android lovers, Pixlr is famous to all. Its intuitive interface is terse and straightforward, and the handling capability is easy for all users. Some neat effects are advantageous whenever you desire to share them with your all social network.

It has a superb variety of photo adjustment tools, and all the devices can perform the accurate result of image editing. However, its selective brushes result with special edition particular area of your image and give an attractive product. Pixlr comes us with special effect filters, borders, and overlays. By adding various stickers, you can decorate your pictures with fun and enjoyment as a cartoonish. Quick Photo College ensures you superb management of image representation. Brilliant design and unique layout make the editors cheerful while they are busy enhancing.

If you use its premium version, you will get an exact result, and for that, you have to subscribe. The monthly subscription charge: $1.99 and yearly: $11.99.

 5 . Snapseed: 

 Snapseed is one of the best photo editing apps for android in 2021 that indicates the seriousness of creative editing fact without wasting time. The crucial image editing tools ensure you all kind of RAW, JPG, and DNG image processing. Cropping, rotating, sizing, resizing, and increasing sharpness is relatively easy and straightforward.

Apart from others, it has many well-known tools to perform exact color correction, cropping, and sharpening the images. However, the total adjustment of every photograph is realistic in the mood.


PicLab is a popular image editing apps, and every tool helps work correctly. Having all kinds of photo fixing tools, one can get the expected result. What about the brightness adjust, background removal, color-changing, adding text, and others are revolutionary.

7. Avatan:

Avatar is the best photo editing app for android in 2021, which lets you the basic image editing service. This software is technical who incredibly crazy for sharing their lovely photos on social networks. Having the special brush for enhancing your photos, obliviously Avatan is excellent. However, it lets you store your images both on your own and with the global network.

When you are thirsty for finding the best photo editing apps for android, Avatan gives you the right track. Its robust color matching ensures you a good quality of the picture. All about the sizing of any RAW image, Avatan offers you a superb result. You may save a massive effect by your favorite creation.

8. Google Photos:

Google Photos is such kind of app which is for only the mobile device. Apart from the image editing, it offers you to vital file folder storing system. Though it has a few image editing tools, it has the most significant images and video organization and file format sharing capability. However, the most useful task is that it can automatically backup the entire image library towards the cloud.

There you will find user-control sliders that let you correct color, contrast, brightness, exposure, and others. For example, Google Photos frequently generates animated GIFs of the images which you take in your consideration. Also, having the most extensive photo storage and sharing sites, you can download them in your choice.

9. Photo Effect Pro:

Photo Effect Pro is the best photo editing apps for android in 2021 that comes us with plenty of filters, effects, stickers, style and design, border, and many other things. Having 40 filtering feature ensure your choice.

Having the essential photo editing tools, you need not purchase it properly. But it is an excellent image editing apps for those who love stickers, variety of photo collages.

10. AirBrush:

AirBrush is an excellent image editing apps from experienced people. It has a brilliant editing tool that works for skin retouching, pimple removal, red-eye removal, teeth editing, eye enhancement function, and so on. This kind of app is rich in separate camera segment that allows you to edit the images more importantly. Another feature is that by it, you can capture the photos with a selfie camera.

Giving accurate results of every essential tool, you usually wish to purchase its premium version. It takes monthly subscription cost is $3.99 and yearly $19.99.

Final Thought: 

When the time is 2021, you will find a vast and huge best photo editing apps for the android version. If you are unaware of choosing the right kind of image editing app, it kills your valuable time. When you are thirsty about searching for the best photo editing apps for android, seriously mentioning ten photo editing apps is healthy from all sides.