Java Vs Kotlin – Which Should You Choose for Android Development

Java Vs Kotlin – Which Should You Choose for Android Development

Java is the most popular and leading android programming language in the world. It has an unmatched reputation in the field of development that surpasses others. Java was launched by sun microsystems in 1995. It is a complete object-oriented language that borrows its syntax and logic from C and C++ languages. Java is known for its widest library that provides a comprehensive source of data to developers.


Java is an easy-to-understand and high-level development language ideal for desktop, web, and app development. It is ideal for android development but has spread its wings for other development platforms as well. It comprises core and server-side programming with faster code execution. Java uses JVM (Java virtual machine to develop, debug, run, execute, and deploy the code. It holds a strong presence and global success among developers and users for more than two decades. Oracle owns Java now and increases the value and demand for businesses. Companies still use java for developing interactive and immersive gaming apps. A few popular examples of Java apps are Netflix, Hybris, and Apple TV. It has a combination of ancient and modern programming languages that makes it a perfect choice for developers to build android app development for users.


Regardless of unquestionable recognition of Java programming language, android had a need for launching a modern and contemporary coding language. It is a replaceable language to Java that will replace the popularity of java in a few years.

Kotlin fulfilled the void gap of finding a new programming language to provide an alternate choice for developers in the market. Google android announces Kotlin as their official language since its inception. It is an open-source official programming language built by Jet Brains and offers similar compatibility with java. Kotlin is a general-purpose and functional programming language built for replacing the fame of java and introducing the most advanced and latest coding development for the users. It is designed with Java virtual machine (JVM) and uses native and JavaScript coding for developers. Kotlin offers cross-browser platform features for developers to find access on all platforms with browser compatibility. It is used for any type of development such as client-side, web, and server-side.

Difference Between Java and Kotlin- Whichever is the best?

In the field of mobile app development services, both Java and Kotlin have equal and similar features that make both a tie and draw for each other. Both languages are interoperable and compatible with each other making robust choices for android developers to use both or anyone for building dynamic applications. Developers consider Kotlin as their first choice for android app development. It is a fact that java has a decade-long reputation for android development in the corporate business and gaming industry. Java is the founder and pioneer of developing the android application platform for developers. It has a good repute among developers in the industry. Java has a strong place in the market and nobody can compete with it. The difference between the two lies in the pros and cons of both languages that make the one superior or inferior to another one. It helps you decide to choose between the two of these languages and prefer one for developers.

The most essential thing for developers is to have a basic idea and knowledge of the Java programming language. It helps them learn, understand, and specialize in the language.  However, if you wish to develop android applications, then you must learn kotlin. For a beginner programmer, java is good to start with. It builds a foundation of android application development and allows developers to learn and master the proper coding etiquettes.

Now let’s dig deeper into both java and kotlin and find which one is good for programmers.

Java is an ancient programming language that still has tremendous value and demand among developers in the market. Apart from android apps, it provides wide and extensive opportunities for developers to develop apps for other platforms as well. Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of using the Java language.

Benefits of Java

Easy to Understand and Learn

Java is an easy-to-understand programming language for developers. It provides easy to learn code for programmers to master. Java is a high-level coding language that has a quick compiler execution. It compiles and interprets the code from machine-readable form the human-readable form. Java offers better and clear code understanding for both developers and users.

Native and Cross-Platform Apps

Java is an excellent and suitable programming language for creating native and cross-browser platform applications. It helps them run and deploy on any device and platform of the world. It includes desktop, web, laptops, smartphones, tablets, chrome, firefox, internet explorer, Netscape navigator, safari, and opera. These characteristics and features make java apps accessible to all platforms.

Open-Source Code

Java offers excellent open-source code development. It makes developers easier to use java and develop custom-friendly code according to the needs and requirements of customers. It builds lighter and faster applications to have a rapid experience for developers. Java has an instant code process with the ease of compiling and assembling the code.

Disadvantages of Java

More Bugs and Errors

Due to a high-level programming language, Java allows developers to write more code. It also increases the chances of bugs and errors. Java fixes the errors with the process of debugging. It debugs all errors to run, execute, and compile the code.

Android API Design Limitations

 Java offers certain innate limitations in its android application program interface design. It also has a slower memory than other languages and needs more for compilation and execution.


It is a modern and advanced language version for android mobile applications. It inherits the characteristics of java and supports mobile development. Jet brains founded the Kotlin and created an integrated development environment IDE for an open-source language for developers.  

The advantages of kotlin are faster and shorter lines of code execution. It has fewer bugs and errors. Kotlin builds clean and tidy application program interface APIs. Kotlin provides a seamless transition from java using bytecode. Some disadvantages of Kotlin programming language are precise syntax code with more time for learning. It has a slow speed for code compilation. The community offers limited learning resources.


The verdict is an equal draw between java and kotlin. The future of java is kotlin and provides open choices and better career opportunities for amateur and seasoned app developers in the industry. Businesses are now eager to adopt kotlin as the official android programming language. However, the irreplaceable value and demand for java will remain and stay for longer among developers in the market.