Best Marketing Techniques for Shopify Stores


Many brands today are leveraging Shopify to create their very own online e-commerce store. Because of the platform’s intuitive technology, it is easy for brands with limited resources and time. Hence by choosing Shopify you can keep your mind off design, code, and focus more on selling. How to set […]

Check Online Status of AP Janganana Vidya Deevena Scheme


 Students in India have capabilities but they are not able to pursue higher studies due to poor condition of family. Those families cannot afford to pay the collage fees and that result into decreasing standard of education in Andhra Pradesh. AP state CM takes in consideration this matter and started […]

Great Ideas to Start Your Business In 2021


It is very confusing and challenging to develop new and innovative ideas for business that can inspire entrepreneurs, especially when a person themselves has brilliant ideas and resources to start their business. But some people want to start their own business but don’t know where to start, so in this […]

Know The Best Ways to Apply for An MSME Loan in India

Introduced by the Indian government, micro, small and medium enterprises or MSMEs are strong economic drivers associated with the manufacturing, processing and preservation of commodities.  The sector contributes to socio-economic development and creates employment opportunities in the market. To support these small businesses financially, owners can apply for an MSME […]

How Amazon Makes Money


Amazon is the largest online retail company on this planet. Some of the core operations of include the following. E-commerce operations. Cloud services. Groceries. Prescription medicines. Digital advertising. It also focuses on the highly intuitive Alexa personal assistant, movies, and TV series through the Amazon Prime Video platform. However, […]

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